“Mental health diseases are also a pandemic”


The Colombian singer José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, known as J Balvin, will show from next Friday, May 7 in the documentary ‘The boy from Medellín’ the “chaotic week” in which one of his concerts became in his native Colombia, where the interpreter of ‘With height’ also appears close to depression.

These mental health illnesses are a reality and it is like having the covid: they are a pandemic and they are in all parts of the world, but people are ashamed to admit it, “said the producer in the presentation of the documentary, which will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

In fact, J Balvin explained that for this work he has shown himself as he is, even “vulnerable”, and understands that it is something that “is part of reality.” “At the beginning of the covid people ran away when you told them you had it, but in the end most of us ended up infected. Even with mental health, some suffer it acutely and others less, but they are part of reality“, has defended.

‘The Boy From Medellín’ follows J Balvin as he prepares for the most important concert of his career: a sold-out show in his native Medellín, Colombia. But as the performance draws closer, the streets erupt with growing political instability, plunging the singer into a bewilderment and anxiety attacks.

Oscar-nominated and two-time Emmy Award-winning director Matthew Heineman directs and produces this portrait of the so-called ‘Prince of Reggaeton’ in a puzzling week. “Everything was very chaotic, but there was nothing planned, we wanted to do a special of the concert, but like everything in life there is a 99% that is out of our reach“, he lamented.


Precisely, in recent days, Colombia has returned to the news for the protests in the streets against the tax reform in Bogotá, which have left several injuries among civilians and police and also a figure of 19 dead, according to the Colombian Ombudsman’s Office. The country also suffers a high number of infected and dead due to the pandemic.

“I keep making music and I try to be creative, but I don’t sleep thinking about how else I can help Colombia. It’s very sad what is happening and now there is a civil war: There are no words for this, I believe that with love, tolerance and conversation, something can be achieved, because hatred only generates more hatred“, has alerted.

Balvin has taken the opportunity to detail his relationship with the project’s director, Matthew Heineman. “He gained my trust when I met him, he gave me security, it is true that afterwards it was quite complicated because this intrusion into my private life was not easy“, he highlighted to later recognize that the chemistry between the two was touched.

“There are certain privacy rules and they were completely violated but there are certain directors who are overcome by passion and go above whatever. All the images are real, there is nothing acted and everything is very real and it is because Heineman gained confidence, later lost it, but managed to make the documentary“, has defended.


In fact, the producer acknowledges that there was “so much information” recorded for the documentary “that it could have been a four-hour film.” In ‘The Boy From Medellín’ also appears surrounded by his personal equipmentTrusted people who are often overshadowed by music stars. “The most important thing is to surround yourself with good people, that they are better than you, to try to achieve one day be like them, “he defended.

Balvin has stated that it is “super difficult” for him to be away from the scenes due to the pandemic, but has been optimistic for a soon return. “It takes that dose of dopamine, joy and feeling the excitement of the public close by. It takes a lot to have a little concerts“, has highlighted.

In addition, he has reflected on the growing power of social media. “It’s still learning to use them. We have a more powerful platform than any politician, but that is where you have to understand your responsibility as a public figure. It has not been easy, but we continue to learn, “he concluded.