Within the world of modern soccer we find a figure as important for soccer players as it is controversial for the most purist and traditional: the agents. They stand out among them Jorge Mendes and Mino Raiola, pioneers who have filled their pockets thanks to their high commissions in the management of transfers of professional footballers.

Both have their particular history and fame when it comes to negotiating for their players. Along with others like Jonathan Barnett, the two protagonists are in the top 5 representatives of the most powerful athletes in the world according to Forbes.

Eleven by Jorge Mendes

Portuguese is probably the most famous representative in the world, thanks in part to Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Forbes, Mendes’ company reaches 1,076 million euros in contracts, taking around 105 million in commissions.

The starting eleven of his best players has a market value of 590 million according to Transfermarkt, a real outrage. Among them, it stands out Fabinho, James Rodriguez, Bernardo Silva or Cristiano Ronaldo, with which he made the operation that changed the world of football forever: the sale of Portuguese from United to Real Madrid for a total of 96 million, something unthinkable up to that moment.

The eleven of Mino Raiola

The controversial Italian representative, known for his toughness in negotiating for his footballers, has been growing over the years and enlarging his heritage. According to Forbes, Mino Raiola has been able to earn some 63 million euros in commissions And his company has managed contracts with a value of up to 630 million.

Among its represented, players such as Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovich or Verrati. He has always been very controversial: «Pep Guardiola as coach is fantastic. As a person, he is an absolute zero. He is a coward, a dog, “said Raiola of the City coach. In total, the starting eleven with his best footballers worth a total of 523 million according to Transfermarkt.

Now both representatives they prepare for the threat of Gianni Infantino to reform the activity of these professionals to apply tougher rules on player transfers, and thus achieve greater transparency in the world of soccer.