Mena Massoud could be Ezra in the ‘Ahsoka’ series

The actor would demonstrate great versatility in the live action of « Aladdin ». Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Lucasfilm | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Lucasfilm

The second season of « The Mandalorian”Would present a host of pleasant surprises to fans of Star wars, also opening a great possibility of stories to tell in this universe, which thanks to Disney + is about to be expanded with a new range of series and movies for television.

One of these surprises was the anticipated return of Ahosoka Tano, a character who has managed to become one of the favorites in the franchise. His appearance will not be limited to a single episode cameo, as it has been confirmed that Rosario Dawson She will star in her own series, the plot of which may have been briefly teased during her appearance.

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During his fight against one of the imperial remnants, Ahsoka mention the name of Thrawn, implying not only that the villain is alive after the end of « Rebels”. It would also leave a great chance that Ezra Bridger, a young Jedi who was also affected by hyperspace travel during the defeat of the Imperial villain, is still safe.

A new video from the news and analysis portal about the Kessel Run Transmissions franchise, addressed the issue that Disney I could already have a candidate to play Ezra in his live action version: the actor and comedian of Egyptian origin Mena Massoud.

Despite having a relatively short career in film and television, Massoud would have shown great talent and versatility thanks to the live action film of “Aladdin”In 2019, in which he participated in the title role and which turned out to be a great commercial success for the studios of Walt Disney Pictures.

Ezra managed to become a favorite character among fans of the new canon of Star wars, so its presentation in live action could mean being a great leap in its current position within the saga, opening greater narrative possibilities for its development.

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Until now, Disney has not commented on this « rumor », but the executives would have taken the same position at the time that the possibility of seeing Bo-katan or Boba fett in the series.