Boston Celtics won Memphis Grizzlies by 107-122 on a new NBA day. Previously, Memphis Grizzlies players were defeated against Toronto raptors 108-99, completing a four-game losing streak in the last five games. For their part, the Boston Celtics won last day at Orlando Magic by 122-119, so after the match they add a total of five wins in a row. Boston Celtics, with this result, consolidates in Play-off positions with 48 games won out of 71 played, while Memphis GrizzliesAfter the game, he also continues in Play-off positions with 33 victories in 72 games played. Check the NBA standings after the game.


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During the first quarter Boston Celtics He was the main leader in the field, had a maximum difference of nine points (13-22) and finished with a result of 17-24. After this, during the second quarter Boston Celtics increased their difference and reached a difference of 22 points (22-44) during the quarter, which ended with a partial result of 23-32. After this, the teams reached the break with a 40-56 score.

In the third quarter the players of Memphis Grizzlies They managed to get closer on the scoreboard, in fact, they got a 13-2 partial in this quarter until ending with a partial result of 33-27 (and a 73-83 total). Finally, in the course of the last quarter, the visitors again distanced themselves, increased the difference to a maximum of 20 points (102-122) and the quarter ended with a partial result of 34-39. Finally, the match ended with a score of 107-122 in favor of the visitors.

During the match, Boston Celtics won the victory thanks to 29 points, two assists and six rebounds from Jayson tatum and the 19 points, three assists and four rebounds of Kemba walker. The 26 points, 13 assists and four rebounds of JA Morant and the 14 points and 10 rebounds of Jonas Valanciunas they were not enough for Memphis Grizzlies could win the game.

The next clash of Memphis Grizzlies will be against Milwaukee bucks at Visa Athletic Center, while the next game of Boston Celtics will be against Washington Wizards at The Arena. Follow the NBA schedule in full.