Memo Ochoa tends to Luisito Comunica for his opinion on comparisons with the youtuber | INSTAGRAM

Have you ever heard what Memo Ochoa compares to Luisito comunica? These comparisons have been on social networks for quite some time, however, it is the first time that Memo Ochoa talks about it and set youtuber on trend.

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It all started with Memo Ochoa playing Call of Duty Warzone with his friends and answering some comments from his followers clarifying that he has already lived in Mexico for more than a year and it was there that Luisito communicated the subject.

The footballer said that when he was abroad many asked him about Luisito Comunica and he wondered who he was, because he did not know him at the time: « Everybody was saying hey and Luisito Comunica, and who is this? this w3 and who is it? « .

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« I do not ch # ng ** n I do go to the gym, I do eat well, when I saw Luisito I said no ca #% ones », his friend added « They went, literally because of his hair » to which Memo Ochoa answered yes.

He continued adding: « Not even in the little mustache, » aside, I also assure that Luisito does not want his hair, with all due respect.

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In the clip we can see how his friends have a lot of fun playing with him and that his comments were very funny about the youtuber without disrespecting him, something that should be mentioned is very prudent on his part.

Social networks had a lot of fun with this video, since they never imagined that their opinion on the subject was so funny and the way they said it made it possible because it is very charismatic.

The youtuber has not said anything about it so far, however, it is very likely that he will mention it since he is very aware of everything that happens and surely I will not be able to avoid seeing himself in the trends of Mexico.