As if it was not enough to approve the reforms to the Copyright Law that could facilitate internet censorship, as well as jail people for repairing and modifying their electronic devices, now a deputy from the Social Encounter Party (PES) will present a modification that could make illegal memes. It is a reform to the Federal Penal Code that could require that content be removed from social networks if it is considered that it “damages the image or dignity of a person” in the words of the deputy, in addition to the suspension of the user’s account that shared the content.

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PES deputy Nay Salvatori will present a reform before the Union Congress that would seek to penalize the modification of content including images, videos or audios, and that could cause the temporary or total suspension of the user’s account if found guilty.

“It is a reform to the Federal Penal Code in which if you modify the original content of something: a photograph, a video or an audio, well, you will be punished. Furthermore, I am going to propose to the Radio and Television Commission that, through the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT), I am going to propose that this account, in the pertinent investigations with the prosecution, the account is removed“Clarified the deputy in a video broadcast on their social networks.

According to Salvatori, the so-called “Antimemes Law” does not seek censorship on the internet, but rather “punishes the manipulation of a material that after investigation proves that it damaged the image, dignity of a person.” Even so, the account of the user that is “suspicious” could be suspended while the alleged inadvertent is being carried out.

The proposal of the PES deputy will be presented to the Permanent Commission of the Congress of the Union, after it is registered in the Parliamentary Gazette during the following week.