These videos have recently been shared on Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter themselves, which have gone viral

By: Web Writing

In recent days, various videos have been viralized on social networks. gravediggers who dance while carrying a coffin, but what is its origin, here we explain it to you.

Although one might think that this is a joke, the profession of these gravediggers as shown in the videos is real.

These gravediggers They are part of a company that provides their dance services at funerals called “Benjamin’s Company” and are well known in the African country of Ghana.

Unlike most funeral ceremonies that are sad, these gravediggers They are hired to fire the deceased through a dance as a celebration.

Origin of the Coffin dance meme?

The song used in these viral videos is Astronomia 2K19 by DJ Stephan F. This meme begins with a soft part of the song as the dangerous situation approaches, then cuts the scene when the music intensifies and gives way to the gravediggers dancing to the sticky beat of the remix.

Broadcast of the first video

Although recently these videos have been shared mainly on Tik Tok, Facebook and Twitter.

The first video of these gravediggers It was released in January 2015 by an American blogger when the gravediggers they showed up at her mother-in-law’s funeral.

But they have also been used to raise awareness about the care of the coronavirus pandemic.