The documentary ‘The Last Dance’, which is about the Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 90s in the NBA, has caused the endless debate about who is the best player in history, if Michael Jordan or Lebron James, has been increasing in recent weeks.

Many have been the figures of the world of basketball and the NBA itself who have wanted to give their opinion about it. However, Carmelo Anthony, in a statement for NBC Sports and collected by Yahoo! Sports, after having seen the documentary considers that making such a comparison is a waste of time, and that there need not be a ‘best player in the world’:

“I don’t like going into these debates about who is the best. Every time we do something like that we don’t appreciate what is in front of our eyes. Every time we make these kinds of comparisons it’s like: Why can’t we just enjoy They? Old school versus new school, that’s not something I like. “

“I can say that Michael Jordan is the GOAT. He is the best of all and we all know them, and we also agree with that. But why can’t the same be said for LeBron James or Kobe Bryant? Why not? Can we say Jordan was very good, that LeBron was very good and that Kobe was very good? We are not allowed to say those things today, society always asks us to choose one. “