Melgar advances with authority and leaves Carlos Mannucci on the road

04/09/2021 at 6:16 AM CEST

EFE / Lima

The Melgar won this Thursday for 3-2 to Carlos Mannucci and advanced to the group stage of the Copa Sudamericana thanks to goals from Peruvians Alexis Arias and Luis Iberico and Argentine Bernardo Cuesta. The red-black team confirmed at the National Stadium in Lima the superiority that it had already shown in the first leg, which they won 1-2 with two goals from Argentine Cristian Bordacahar.

Midfielder Alexis Arias He opened the account at 8 minutes, with a shot sent halfway from the right, after a great combination with the Argentine Horacio Orzán, which left goalkeeper Pedro Díaz without any option. The goal against stimulated the reaction of Mannucci, who went to the front during the following minutes and achieved the equalizer at 15, when a cross sent from the right by Javier Núñez hit the defense Leonardo mifflin and it rose to make useless the stretch of goalkeeper Carlos Cáceda.

Then there were new attacks by Melgar that were not well resolved until, at 35, the forward Luis Iberico He again unbalanced the account with a shot sent from the left after a free kick taken by Arias.

Despite Mannucci’s attempts to change his luck, already in the second half Melgar extended the score after defender Anthony Fuentes committed a penalty by touching a ball in the area with his forearm, and the maximum penalty was resolved with solvency by the Argentine gunner Bernardo Cuesta, at 61. Beaten in his self-esteem, Mannucci was in front and at 76 the forward Jose Carlos Fernandez he scored with a shot from the center of the area after receiving a low cross sent by Uruguayan Felipe Rodríguez.

When 84 minutes were played, Melgar was left with ten players after the midfielder Walter Tandazo received a second yellow card.