The world is not experiencing good times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and therefore not within the United States either.Donald trumpHe continues to attract attention with his initiatives and proposals, the same ones that are generating many revolts within his country. The last one, this Tuesday, when the President of the United States defended that the country’s capital, Washington, was “the safest place on Earth.” It was the day that the Police used tear gas and rubber bullets todisperse protestersin the vicinity of the White House, in the context of the protests that have taken place since the death of the African American George Floyd, who died asphyxiated by a police officer in Minneapolis. Since then, the protests have been going on with great force.

These statements, coupled with others like his intention to cut his funding to WHO, are causing blisters. The Mayor of Washington herself,Muriel Bowser, condemned through Twitter the actions of the Police, valuing it as “shameful“and” without provocation “the use of tear gas against the crowd.

Furthermore, Bowser expressed his surprise “and frankly anger” because “people who were not violating the curfew and who did not appear to have caused an attack were attacked by the federal security forces, who receivedinstructions to clean the wayfor the president. “

But it is not only on Bowser’s part that some of his comments disagree. TooMelania Trump herself has shown her distance from her husband at other times in her term. This Tuesday nightbecame a trending topic for his face… because we haven’t seen her in a long time. Thes appearances of marriageThey have been more spaced in recent times. And together with the President of the United States, he went to the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, where he left a flower wreath as a tribute to the victims.

Melania appeareddressed in mourning, with big glasses and a very serious face, with great sadness. Her face is reminiscent of that of Princess Charlene of Monaco throughout these years. That being and not being that you cannot avoid demonstrating even in the presence of the media and public opinion. Melania hid her eyes behind her big sunglasses butthe melancholy of the first lady went around the world. It was so evident that at one point the president addressed his wife and she only got an imposed smile that remained in an attempt. It did not come out, he could not … Has Donald Trump commented to him in private later?