Melania presents Christmas decorations at the White House 2020

Melania presented the 2020 White House Christmas Decorations. This year’s theme, « America the Beautiful, » is a tribute to the majesty of the nation.

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The first lady from the United States, Melania Trump, presented this Monday the Christmas decoration of the White House, three months after criticizing her playing this role, although this will be the last time she will do so after her husband, President Donald Trump, lost the November elections.

The first lady posted a video on her Twitter account in which she is seen admiring the ornamentation placed on the presidential mansion, accompanied by the message: « During this special time of year, I am delighted to share ‘America the beautiful‘(USA, the beautiful, this year’s theme in decoration) and pay tribute to the splendor of our great nation. « 

« Together we will celebrate this land we are proud to call home, » he said. Melania Trump.

This annual tradition includes this year a reminder of the pandemic that is devastating the country.

In the video you can see the first lady walking through the dependencies of the presidential mansion, where there are several Christmas trees with white lights and red ornaments.

In some moments the image shows small details like the train « White House Express « or a decorative motif that says » Be best « (Be best, motto of the initiative of the first lady) or a recreation of a village hospital in Christmas, referring to health workers who fight against pandemic.

The decoration of the library of the White House refers to the centenary of the ratification of the 19th amendment to the Constitution, which was completed this year and which gave the right to American women to vote; while in the so-called Blue Room the official tree of Christmas, whose decoration takes a tour of the country from the point of view of children.

In a statement, the White House He explained that students from across the US were asked to portray « what makes their (home) states beautiful, highlighting the people, places and things that capture the spirit of the state they call home. »

In the note, Melania Trump He noted that in the past four years he has had the honor of traveling « to some of the most beautiful landmarks, and meeting some of the most compassionate and patriotic American citizens. »

« From coast to coast, the bond that all Americans share is an appreciation for our tradition, values ​​and history, which were the inspiration for this year’s décor, » said the first lady that he wished a merry Christmas, as well as a « happy and healthy New Year ».

Three months ago there was a controversy over some alleged comments that Melania Trump made in a conversation secretly recorded by his former adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, who wrote the book « Melania and Me« , and that came to light in the media.

In the recordings, Melania Trump reportedly expressed disappointment at his role in the Christmas decoration of the White House and at the same time for being criticized for not playing a more significant role as first lady.

« I’m killing myself working on the theme of Christmas, what, you know, who gives a fuck about the Christmas and the decorations? But I have to do it, right? « Said the first lady in one of the recordings made by his examiga.

« And then, » he continued, « I do it, and I say I’m working on the Christmas and I’m planning the Christmas, and they say ‘What about separated minors (migrant minors separated from their relatives)?’ Give me a fucking break. « 

In her day, the chief of staff of the first lady, Stephanie grisham, criticized Wolkoff and affirmed that there was no way to know if the recordings had been altered: « It is clear that the clips have been selected and presented without any context, » he said.