Mel Gibson shares ice cream with his 4-year-old son

Despite having 9 children, Mel Gibson proves to be a very present father as he shares an afternoon with the youngest of the family.

The Hollywood star took advantage of her day off and indulged her son Lars with ice cream during a boys’ walk through Malibu.

Wearing a trucker-style baseball cap to conceal himself, the 65-year-old actor sat on the patio of a frozen yogurt shop and even stole a few scoops from the boy.

Mel proved to be a super loving father as he fed little Lars and even held his hand when leaving the store.

The long-haired boy who shares with his girlfriend writer and riding champion 35 years younger, is the youngest of their children. Mel and Rosalind Ross began their relationship in 2014 after they worked on a script together.

Despite the fact that the “El Patriota” actor was married only once to Robyn Moore Gibson, mother of 7 of his children, he wanted to continue enlarging the family and in 2009 he welcomed 11-year-old Luciana along with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva .

The pandemic was not an impediment for Gibson, who in March of this year released his latest film, “Boss Level,” which premiered on the streaming platform, Hulu.

During an interview she spoke about raising her child during confinement and this is what she said: “Well, it’s good, because you get to know him quite well,” although he also admitted that it has been a challenge.

“But having a four-year-old, a four-year-old who is a little Viking, is more than a handful anyway… it doesn’t matter if it’s a pandemic, it doesn’t matter if he’s at home, it doesn’t matter if he’s storming distant shores. , no matter.”

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