As of May 28, Infonavit increased the amount lent with the Mejoravit credit. Now workers can request up to 125,190 pesos. The main objective is to reactivate the local economies that depend on the construction sector, making it easier for the beneficiaries to obtain a higher sum to acquire material and, if necessary, to hire the people in charge of remodeling their houses.

Another point in which the scheme has become more flexible is that before you had to have at least 8 months to request it; Now it is enough that you have 4 months trading on the IMSS with the same company, so that you can be a candidate for the loan.

According to infonavit, the main characteristics of this loan are that it is a loan to pay from 12 to 30 months. The minimum credit amount is $ 4,225.84 pesos and the maximum is $ 125,190.60 pesos.

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In addition, it serves to improve and remodel the home, through the purchase of materials and products in any of the 2,826 affiliated points throughout the country. Similarly, using this credit you can:

Painting, waterproofing, changing kitchen and bathroom furniture.
 Make improvements that are not structural.
 Acquire displacement equipment within the home, for people with different abilities.
 The house may belong to the worker, his spouse, parents, children, brothers and / or grandparents.

Other benefits:

The procedure is through Infonavit, although it is granted by a financial entity.
 If you have already exercised your Infonavit credit and finished paying it, you can request your Mejoravit credit.
 The credit payment is discounted via payroll.
 Subsequent employer contributions are used to pay your credit, so in the case of maintaining your working and salary conditions, you can pay the credit in less time.
 You can settle your credit early without penalties.
 Subsequent employer contributions are used to pay your credit, so the term to pay off your credit may decrease.
 You can use this credit as many times as you want, you only have to let a two-month period pass between the liquidation of the first and the second Mejoravit.
 If you have already finished paying your Mejoravit credit, you can request your Infonavit Credit, Cofinavit, Infonavit Support or Your 2nd Infonavit Credit.

Remember that the amount will depend on the term you choose and what is less between your ability to pay 20% or 85% of your balance in the housing subaccount. The interest rate it has is 17% per year on unpaid balances.

Your monthly subscription will depend on the amount and term you choose. In no case will it be more than 25% of the salary you have at the time of obtaining the credit.

What are the requirements to apply for this credit

 Be a holder of Infonavit with a current employment relationship.
 At least 4 months working in a company and having 116 points on Infonavit (if you don’t know how many points you have, prequalify yourself here)
 You must have a minimum saving in the Balance of the Housing Sub-account of $ 4,971.58 pesos.
 Your age plus the term of your selected credit, cannot be higher when you turn 65 years old.
 Have two references of people who know you and leave us their information to locate them.
 If you have already obtained an Mejoravit credit, you must have paid it in a timely manner.
 If you have already exercised an Infonavit credit, you must have liquidated it both in time and in form, which means that you have not given your property as a gift, it has been awarded or your credit has been considered unrecoverable.

What information do you get with the prequalification?

 It will allow you to know your credit amount according to your ability to pay and the term you choose to pay it.
 You will know the monthly discount that your employer will make once you deliver the Notice of Withholding of Discounts.
 The amount of your credit will depend on the value you have in the balance of the home’s subaccount. The monthly payment amount of your credit is calculated based on your ability to pay with respect to your salary and contracted term.

You must ensure that your information, RFC and CURP are correct and complete in My Infonavit Account because these data are essential to request your credit and to request your proof of interest later in the event that you need it.

It is important that before requesting your credit, you review the businesses that are part of the Mejoravit Program to buy construction materials or products related to home improvements. Check what are the authorized products and services.

What are the documents you need for your file:

 Original and copy of Mejoravit credit application. You can fill it out online here, and print it.
 Original and copy of current official identification: voting credential, passport or professional license. In case of presenting INE or IFE the copy must be at 200%. Foreigners can present a valid passport and FM2 or FM3 immigration documents. In the case of Mexican naturalized foreigners, they will present the naturalization letter.
 Original and copy of birth certificate.
 Printing of your CURP.
 Original and copy of the account statement with interbank CLABE in the name of the beneficiary, which must be valid for no more than 3 months at the time of the request.
 Original and copy of the proof of residence in your name, of your spouse or of a relative (parents, children, siblings and grandparents), not older than 3 months from the date of the application, taking as reference the date of issue:

 Light bill
 Water bill
 Natural gas receipt
 Landline receipt
 Internet receipt
 Mobile / cell phone bill (domiciled)
 Property receipt
 Cable TV receipt
 Lease receipt with all tax requirements, including the address of the beneficiary, accompanied by proof of rent payment
 Statement of movements, bank statement or bank account opening contract

Proof of address (any of the above) must be from the home where the improvements will be carried out, it may be in your name, that of your spouse, or that of a relative (parents, children, siblings and grandparents) as long as you present a birth or marriage certificate to validate the family relationship and must belong to the same entity where the credit is processed.

If in your prequalification you reach an amount greater than $ 50,000 pesos, you must also submit the following documents:

Original and copy of proof of income (pay stub from your employer)
 Original and copy of proof of address with a validity between 6 and 12 months.
 Original and copy of the account statement with interbank CLABE in the name of the beneficiary, which must be valid for 6 to 12 months.

Steps to follow to request the Mejoravit credit

Once you have verified that you meet the requirements and that you gather the documents for your file, take them to the Infonavit Service Center (Cesi) closest to your home or consult the authorized bank establishments and branches where you can also request your credit where free advice will be provided. Only there you can carry out your procedure.

If you agree with the credit conditions, they will return the application with your credit number. Sign it and deliver it in the presence of the advisor to continue the process.

Print your Retention Notice of Discounts and deliver it to your company so that they can stamp it, sign it and begin to deduct the monthly payment of your credit or My Infonavit Account from your salary. In the event that the company does not have a stamp, it must issue a letter signed by the legal representative, explaining the lack of a stamp.

Deliver the sealed or signed withholding notice to the same Cesi or authorized establishment where you requested your credit so that you can formalize your credit there.

You will receive an Mejoravit card that you can use in authorized stores to purchase construction materials or products related to home improvements. You can use up to 20% of the total amount of your credit to pay for labor and it will be deposited in the CLABE bank account that you provided.
 To finish the process, a photograph will be taken to authenticate your identity and safeguard your heritage.
 See if your credit was approved 5 days after it was formalized and activate your Mejoravit card by calling toll-free 800-2-MEJORA (800-2-635672) from anywhere in the country or 63-87-3014 from the metropolitan area.
 It is important that you indicate what percentage you require to be deposited for payment of labor in your bank account, which may be up to 20% of the total amount of your credit.