“data-reactid =” 25 “>” It was extraordinary to be in the same room with the entire Royal Family standing for the photo in front of me and photographer Alexi Lubomirski. It was like any other happy family prepared for a wonderful portrait. They talked animatedly about the bride and groom, the wedding, the children and the ceremony, as we all do in situations like this. It was something very charming and earthy, “says an excerpt from the text he has published on his profile.

Claire ended up forging a close friendship with the former actress and now duchess during the process of conceiving and developing her wedding dress, which was reinforced in later times during the first pregnancy of Meghan, who gave birth to her little Archie in May. from last year. However, Claire has also confessed that she still has to pinch her arm to know that such a romantic and regal journey was not the product of a dream, but rather constitutes one of the key moments of her professional and personal career.