Meghan Markle threatened, suffers from Archie after arriving in California | Instagram

The day so feared came for Meghan Markle and right in the place where he plans his life with his family, after feeling threatened his main concern is his little son Archie .

Meghan Markle Y Harry They arrived in Canada with the full certainty that it was the best place to live, however the plans changed just after arriving with the move to Vancouver and shortly after they announced they would move to California.

However, today Meghan after his resignation from royalty alongside Harry due to the harassment of the media, today more than ever she is threatened and her little Archie he is one of those who is most at risk.

The paparazzi are ready and looking for a way to capture the best photos of the tender and sweet Archie and they will do everything to achieve it, they have warned.

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The Sussex are confined to California Due to all the restrictions that there are for the coronavirus and this prevents them from backtracking on their life plans at the center of the spotlight.

Apparently California will be for Meghan the place where he least finds the peace he seeks above all, after receiving the news that the hunt by the paparazzi has begun.

It was a mistake to have left Canada

Meghan Markle Now he regrets his decision, and for whom he is most sorry is for his little Archie, did he take his family to the wolf’s cave?

It’s a shame what lives Meghan, apparently the family was safer in the discreet and calm Canada, however Meghan’s desire to reside in her place of origin is putting the family in check.

The small Archie, who just turned his first year of life in May, is the great obsession of the paparazzi who have already found the entrance to his mansion in Malibu.

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Even, Mark Karloff, one of the most veteran paparazzi has already announced that he has started the race for the first photo of the little one, as well as the first family photo of the Sussex at his home in California, which is valued at $ 100,000.

While the couple respects the coronavirus in California and the confinement does not let her see even her mother, the paparazzi look for the best entrance to the mansion in Malibu.

However, sadly for the ex-royals this will not stop, since when the contingency passes it will take a very good time for the lenses of the cameras lose their interest in photographing them.

When the restrictions are lifted, and people get used to the fact that Meghan and Harry are here, it will be crazy to photograph them. They will be photographed every day, at least during the first months. They will not be able to leave without being photographed, “he announced in a challenging tone, according to a publication by Minutoneuquen.

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The announcement has hit the stability of Meghan Y Harry, with everything that the paparazzi mean also by his mother Diana.

However, many still do not understand the couple’s posture when moving to the place where they would have more attention than anywhere else, it could be said that California it was the least successful option for them.

We wanted to balance our time between the UK and North America. This geographical balance will allow us to raise our son Archie, “said the couple while they were still living in Vancouver.

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Apparently in Canada It was the place where the couple could have found that peace, since one of the most important means in the British colony was Times Colonist It gave the couple the space and privacy that they so much request, however they decided to change course towards the mecca of the film industry and are now at the mercy of the flash.