Meghan Markle knows well what it is to be deprived of liberty, she lived it firsthand | AP

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle would have gone through a tough preparation that would have left her with a strong experience: « Being deprived of her freedom »

The raw moment was a little before she married him. Prince harry, with whom she is now the child’s mother Archie. However, prior to the life he enjoys today, he had to first go through a process that brought with it hard experiences.

This would test the duchess’s ability to get out of situations unexpected events that could be tied to your future as a member of the british royalty.

It is worth mentioning that such training was not only reduced to the Duchess of Sussex, also the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate middleton I would have received this preparation, apparently it is a very important step, to be prepared for any eventuality as future members of royalty.

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Apparently this unforgettable moment for Meghan Markle it would be embodied in the already controversial biography ‘Finding Freedom’ published by journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

The lines referring to said process comprises as described:

The participation of elite soldiers from the British Army Air Force, the SAS, and the execution of a « simulation of kidnapping » so that the former actress knew perfectly how to act in the case of being « bound and gagged », as well as other denigrating practices, by a group of terrorists.

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The extracts included in the already acclaimed work were available since last Tuesday when they finally arrived at the shops.

The training to be received by all members of the royal family, with the exception of the queen, takes place at the SAS headquarters in Hereford and consists of thoroughly preparing the royals in the face of hypothetical high security threats, including which include kidnappings, hostage-taking and terrorist attacks ”, read some of the paragraphs.

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So we can see that the way to become a whole royal It was not only honey on flakes since the aspirants They must go through knowing rules of the protocol that includes everything from their behavior, avoiding many samples and even the way of dressing and walking, among many others.

Also, now the new biography shows the horrible experience that Meghan she had to simulate to complete this preparation, something that would generate horrible sensations created for her, noted El

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Likewise, he had to be faithful to the instructions and go through all the moments of supposed tension by being placed « gagged in the trunk of a car », simulating a scene from a movie in which she is deprived of her freedom.

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Finally, to alleviate a bit these scenes loaded with realism set the duchess She received some other lighter but equally important indications as they indicated how she should address her husband’s monarch and grandmother, as well as other members of the royalty.