This Saturday, September 12, the Action channel broadcast the latest film by Meghan Markle. This is “Criminals – The Last Heist”!

Before making herself known as Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle built a career in film. Indeed, she has moreover played in the Suits series. But that’s not all. His last film dates back recently.

Meghan Markle starred in the action film “Criminals – The Last Heist”. This Saturday, September 12, the Action channel broadcasts this latest film with Meghan Markle. This film was released in 2016. It is also the last time that its fans were able to see her at the cinema.

The synopsis is as follows: “Kirsten (Meghan Markle), model, is the girlfriend of Dee, a graffiti artist. As Dee strives to break into the art scene, her brother Marcus is very good at heists. And the theft of jewelry ”.

“Reunited for the wreckage of their lives, nothing goes as planned for the two brothers and Kirsten. Inspired by three real-life heists that made the One of the British newspaperss ”.

Meghan Markle lent her voice to Disney

It is also Meghan Markle who embodies the role of Kirsten. In 2014, she also starred in the film “The Spark of Love”. In 2011: “How to kill your boss? “. It was in 2005 that she realized his first role in the cinema.

Archie’s mom starred in “Seven Years of Seduction.” If she has not acted in a film recently, she still lent her voice for a documentary. Indeed, Disney appealed to the young woman not long ago.

Indeed, Harry’s wife lent her voice to the documentary “Elephant” (2020). “This film traces the story of the African elephant Shani. And his fiery son Jomo ”.

“Their herd makes an epic journey several hundred kilometers across the vast Kalahari Desert from the Okavango Delta to the Zambezi River. As have done before countless generations of their ancestors“.

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