Meghan and Harry would baptize Lili in Windsor with Queen Elizabeth

Why do Meghan and Harry want to baptize “Lili” in Windsor? | Instagram

The latest news that has transcended from the official residence of the Queen Isabel refers to the plans of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who would like the christening of Lilibeth Diana out in Windsor as it happened with Archie, it transcended

Everything seems to indicate that if Queen Elizabeth gives the green light, her grandson, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle They will probably return very soon to visit the Royal Family, for the christening of their first daughter “Lilibeth Diana” in the UK.

According to various sources from the Palace, the prince harry and her spouse, Meghan, have expressed their ideas regarding the upcoming christening of their little daughter, whom they have also named Diana after the remembered one “village princess“and who arrived in this world, on June 5.

Apparently the “dukes of sussex“They would propose to leave behind the family ups and downs that they have starred with the royal family, apparently, Meghan and Enríque of Sussex, they want to baptize their little daughter in the same circumstances as their first-born and with the presence of Queen Elizabeth, the informant said.

Harry told many people who want to baptize Lili in Windsor, just like their first child (Archie), They are happy to wait for circumstances to allow it, they point out.

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In any case, the celebration they plan does not include a large number of people, but quite the opposite, as has been circulated, as happened with Archie Harrison, the older brother of “Lili”, now two years old, who was born on June 6. May 2019.

At that time, Prince Harry’s son, who was christened Archie Harrison-Mountbatten Windsor, starred in a smaller gathering with around 25 guests.

Among them were: Charles and Camilla, the Dukes of Cambridge, the mother of the “American,” Doria Ragland, the princes’ aunts, Harry and William, Lady Jane Fellowes, Lady Sarah McCorquodale (sisters of the late mother of the heirs to the throne, Lady Diana) another of the assistants that appears in the photo is Archie’s uncle, Prince William.

The difference on that occasion was that the British monarch could not attend the christening of her great-grandson on that occasion, since apparently that day she had another commitment that prevented her attendance,

However, if now the news is not only rumors, the now-based couple in the United States hope to have the assistance of His Royal Highness, who also shares the same name as his great-granddaughter.

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Without a doubt, the so-called “Prince of the United Kingdom and Duke of Sussex”, 36-year-old Henry Charles Albert David (Enrique Carlos Alberto David), would like, like the “Netflix actress”, a very special occasion to celebrate this moment in which for a moment the family can be reunited, although without Duke Philippa of Edinburgh.

This, since in addition the Dukes of Sussex would have decided not to have more children, reason why Archie and “Lili” would be the only two children of the couple.

According to a news item revealed a few weeks ago, the family made up of the “former British army soldier”, Enríque de Sussex, and the actress and activist have decided not to procreate more to contribute to the environment, which is why they are also was awarded an award by “Polulation Matters”.

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This association is in charge of raising awareness about the environmental impact generated by “overpopulation”, which is why it has highlighted the “former senior members of royalty” with an award for what they have called a “progressive decision.”

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