A few weeks ago, the latest Capcom compilation, Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection, It came into our lives through the hybrid console eShop, and especially the first four titles that originally came out in Game Boy Advance have the reputation of being quite complicated, especially when it comes to confrontations against final bosses. . Perhaps reminiscent of the early Mega Man NES, where you kept your fingers glued to the controller trying to overcome them without losing too many lives? Be that as it may, the veteran Japanese company Capcom seems to have become aware of this difficulty curve, which can be somewhat uphill for those who have less experience with this demanding saga despite the autosave points included in this version by the developer. Inti Creates, and has decided to publish several gameplays showing how to deal with some of the funniest Final Bosses in this compilation, through its Japanese channel on Youtube. Of course, before taking a look at it, keep in mind that in some cases an important spoiler is made, specifically about the final boss of the first Mega Man Zero among others, so whoever has not passed it yet may want to keep the surprise.

Gameplays Mega Man Zero / ZX Legacy Collection (Nintendo Switch eShop)

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