meeting place of all races

Somewhere in the remote space of streaming lies one of the smartest and most imaginative sci-fi series ever made. Its very numerous fans wait for a channel to rescue Babylon 5 to be able to enjoy again its careful scripts and its spectacular – for then and for today – special effects, and it is possible that this will happen. On the other hand, what can be ruled out is that one day it is decided to retake the story: Babylon 5 has, among many other peculiarities, that of being a television series conceived with a closed ending, which would take place when the 111 episodes that they were going to make up the five seasons planned from the beginning.

The author and absolute owner of the Babylon universe was Joseph Michael Straczynski, a writer and screenwriter who at the end of the 80s had a considerable number of episodes for series of the most diverse on his resume. He then had the idea of ​​creating his own, taking advantage of the fact that science fiction seemed to be on the rise again on television after the success of Star Trek: The Next Generation. But his idea went far beyond the still fashionable self-concluding chapters: it was the world of video and viewers could record the episodes and easily follow plots that stretched for months. Straczynski had in mind a television saga that was the equivalent of a literary epic, like The Lord of the Rings or the Foundation books.

In the year 2258, Babylon 5 is a gigantic space station inhabited by a quarter of a million humans and aliens of all species. It works as a sort of galactic United Nations, where the council formed by representatives of the different worlds decides on political, economic, commercial, social or religious conflicts, with the common objective of solving them avoiding the repetition of the wars of the past. Obviously, things are not so easy, considering the large number of empires and races whose squabbles are centuries old, and the intrigues within the alliance of planets itself.

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