Meet who assured that Bad Bunny does not sing, yawn!

Bad Bunny.

Photo: JOHANNES EISELE / AFP / Getty Images

Meet who assured that Bad Bunny does not sing, yawn !... Yes, a few days ago a video where a Spanish actress not only assured that, but even he did an imitation of how this really was what happened every time the bad rabbit opened his mouth.

Who is the woman who dared to get involved with Bad Bunny? Her name is Eva Soriano, is 31 years old and was born in Madrid, Spain. She graduated with a degree in tourism, but she was sure that her thing was acting.

He trained at the Metropolis Film and Theater school and from there began to dabble in the theater and in the micro-theater format. Until he found out that I could reach more people by doing humor, but on social media.

If you take a walk through his Instagram account, for example, heyou will discover making fun of herself, and there seems to be the secret of her success, but not only seeks to laugh at others, but offers herself and, especially, her clumsiness.

He is a guy who sings while yawning“She said in an interview she did when she was invited to a late night show and started talking about music.

Although the presenter did not know the singer, he couldn’t help but laugh when Soraino began to perform one of the hit songs of the bad rabbit yawning.. Of course, something that caused that reflex action in the public that was witnessing the program.

What Eva never imagined, that this rebellious act of humor would quickly go viral and that the whole world would share this video.

It is not surprising that this happens, beyond the great creativity and humor of Soriano, Bad Bunny has become the most fashionable artist in the world. So much so, that for the first concert of his tour, which will be in 2022, Not only were the very expensive tickets sold out on the same day, but a couple of tickets on resale can cost you $ 18,000.

Yes, you read that right $ 18,000 for two tickets at the Dallas, Texas resale. So we tell you these days and how the bad rabbit prepares for the tour, that sIt will be the same that he could not do in 2020, because like all artists, he had to suspend everything due to the pandemic and shut himself up in his house like the rest of humanity.