Meet the premieres coming to Disney + Great news!

Meet the premieres coming to Disney + Great news! (Pixabay)

Meet the premieres coming to Disney + Great news! | Pixabay

That’s right, the platform Disney + surprises again and this time he has added the six seasons of Glee and several other novelties within its catalog, now being the great competition for the Netflix platform.

As you can tell, every Friday Disney + premieres new contents in its catalog, some are exclusive to the platform, such as the popular series WandaVision and The Mandalorian, which become a trend every week; however, there are other series Y films that arrive every week, such is the case of the Glee series that is now in the catalog.

The series tells the story of a group of talented boys, who seek to be stars one day thanks to their voices and artistic gifts; however, they have to deal with their daily lives and everything that involves adolescence and high school.

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And the best thing is that in this case, you will not have to wait for a new week to see another part of the series, as it happens with some others, since the six seasons of the series are complete on the streaming platform.

So all you have to do is open your Disney + account, search for the series and start watching it in succession to have a real marathon.

As you remember, the series is full of ups and downs, youth situations; but above all, incredible musical performances that will make you jump with emotion, with some covers of popular songs, accompanied by a story full of romance, comedy and drama.

And in addition to Glee, this week you can enjoy, like every Friday, a new chapter of WandaVision, a Marvel series that is broadcast exclusively on Disney +.

In Chapter 7, they paid homage to the Modern Family series; not counting the various theories that have all his viewers crazy.

These the new series in the platform:

Connect and Sing, episode 3 WandaVision, episode 7 Glory’s Chosen, episode 3 Arnoldo’s Ristorantino, episode 5 Glee, seasons 1 to 6 Amazingly, season 1

These must-see films and documentaries will also be released:

BIA: Upside Down World Flora and Ulysses Marvel: Behind the Star Mask, the adult version of Disney +

It seems that the Disney company is now taking seriously its foray into the world of streaming platforms, since it is close to launching Star and with which it distributes its adult content and that seeks to surpass Netflix.

And the truth is that the knowledge that the current Disney Plus catalog is very light compared to other platforms is not alien, however we also know that it already has the rights to several films with the NC-17 classification, which cannot be distributed on your familiar platform.

It is for that reason that Disney is about to launch Star, a place where these films can live more than quietly, since it is a platform aimed at those over 17 years old.

In Star you will find content exclusively for adults that Disney cannot distribute on its family platform and among the content there are endless titles.

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To this great list must be added more than 800 films that are part of the Fox catalog, such as Deadpool, the Duro de Matar saga, The Shape of Water, The Favorite and among others.

It is worth mentioning that the section will be available from February 23 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and other countries, but so far it is unknown if that is the date for its premiere here in Mexico.