Meet the premiere that arrives on Netflix on April 6 today

Meet the premiere that comes to Netflix on April 6 | Instagram

The smallest of the house will be extremely delighted with a Netflix original production that arrives this Tuesday, April 6, since the youngest also have the right to see new content and of course original platform.

That’s right, this time the smallest of the home will be able to enjoy the unique premiere which arrives on the platform this Tuesday.

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Spring has arrived and with it El Sol, the second season of Luis Miguel: the series arrives on the Netflix platform in April and is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated.

Other titles such as Schindler’s List, Rambo III and Shrek are just some of the titles that you can enjoy on the streaming platform.

However, this time we will talk about the novelty today that is sure to keep your little one glued to the TV.

Netflix releases April 6, 2021:


Heroes of the Apocalypse: Happy Final Days! (Interactive half-length film)

The animation of only 27 minutes brings the interactive function where the viewer can decide what happens in the story through their control.

The story revolves around “Jack” and his brave friends, whom you will have to help make the right decisions so that they can survive in the apocalypse.