Meet the only mammal capable of collecting plant toxins and then defending itself with poison

A giant rodent, known as the African crested rat, also has unusual social behavior for a mammal.

American scientists devoted about a thousand hours to study on a mammal unique in its kind. What makes him so special is not his anatomy or external shape, but the way he defends himself. In addition to his unusual social behavior. It’s about the african crested rat, a somewhat large and very particular rodent.

First of all, the researchers of the University of Utah, they were surprised by the social behavior of the rats. The common rodents, known in the cities, mate with each other, without any kind of distinction. However, these African crested rats do form a family.

Just as you are reading it. The scientists captured a group of 25 rodents, the largest ever studied. Then they noticed that each mammal gets a mate and behaves in a monogamous way. They form a small family and that is how their lives go.

« Everyone thought it was a lonely animal. I have been researching this rat for over ten years, so hopefully there will be fewer surprises, » said Bernard Agwanda, a co-author of the study, as reported by Eureka.

The defense of the mammal

Because this rat has long been studied, it was known to be poisonous. However, they were not aware of how he obtained the toxic substances for his defense.

Consequently, after many hours of study, they noticed that the animal is capable of sequestering toxin from plants. So far no other mammal is known to have this ability, published Slash Gear.

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