Meet the Netflix premieres for today July 28, 2021

Meet the Netflix premieres for today July 28, 2021 | Instagram

On this occasion we will let you know the premieres which are for today in the famous platform from Netflix, so keep reading, because two series are ready this Wednesday in the extensive catalog that you will undoubtedly like.

After a week that started extremely slow in terms of Netflix premieres, the platform has two series ready for this Wednesday.

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So if you were scared because you didn’t see anything new at all, don’t worry, the batteries have been put on once again.

So without further ado and so that you can continue resting from home, we leave you the premieres for today, July 28.

And we are already a few days away from saying goodbye to another month and now reaching the second semester of this year.

Here are the series that arrive today on Netflix:


The poster of the toads: The origin (SERIES)

In Cali, during the seventies and eighties, two brothers tried to reconcile family and romance with the ambition they share: to lead the drug industry in Colombia.


Tattoo remade (SERIES)

Can these tattoo artists fix their clients’ disastrous designs and transform them into living works of art?

This was the crazy filming of ‘Where two fit’: A glory hole, hydroalcoholic gel and overly excited extras

“El Canario” mourns the death of his mentor, Johnny Ventura