Meet the Netflix premieres for this May 4, 2021

Meet the Netflix premieres for this May 4, 2021 (Instagram)

Meet the Netflix premieres for this May 4, 2021 | Instagram

Today, Tuesday, May 4, the platform Netflix is ​​releasing a total of two productions that will undoubtedly fill you with surprises, so if you no longer know what else to see in its catalog, keep reading.

In case “Luis Miguel, the series” was not enough for the millions of subscribers of the Netflix platform, the great one of the streaming offers these two series.

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It is worth mentioning that for this month of May the Netflix digital platform has prepared an important list of news, as well as second seasons of highly anticipated series.

In addition, we must highlight the premiere of the series Jupiter’s Legacy, which deals with a generational changeover of superheroes that delves into the complex dynamics of family, power and loyalty; and from Zack Snyder’s movie The Army of Mu3rt0s, in which a team of mercenaries ventures into the quarantine of an area of ​​Las Vegas in order to carry out a major robbery.

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix this Tuesday:


“Selena, series 2”

As she nears the peak of her career, Selena focuses on fulfilling dreams beyond music, spending time with her family, and being true to herself.


“Big Truck: Season 2” (SERIES)

Hank, Big Truck and their animal friends Walter, Donny and Miss Mona let their imaginations run wild and have cute adventures in their backyard and beyond.