Meet the Mexicans at Disney Plus

It’s official. Finally, Disney Plus has arrived in Mexico and, with this, many hours of content will be available on subscribers’ screens. It is known that, around the world, the various streaming services have bet on local productions and our country has not been the exception, as there is already content on the site of the mouse that is starred and presented by 100% compatriot talent. In addition to this, recently, Natalia Scalia, regional director of Direct to Consumer at Walt Disney Company, stated the following (via):

“We believe that the commitment to local content is very important and we have about 70 projects in the portfolio that are in different stages of development with talent in the region.”

While we wait for those new productions, we introduce you to Mexicans on Disney Plus.

Alfonso Herrera

Mexicans at Disney Plus

The actor, who has gradually gained international fame, now collaborates with NatGeo on The Science of the Absurd. With this, he becomes one of several Mexicans on Disney Plus.

Within the program, which has two seasons available on the platform, Poncho shows us some very interesting scientific data while combining it with the wildest and most painful bloopers that happened to achieve impressive feats. Have you ever wondered how fast the driver is going when doing a motocross jump? Perhaps, but its multiple falls are something that is rarely seen.

Jay de la Cueva

Mexicans at Disney Plus

The vocalist of Moderatto comes to streaming the mouse with an original production co-produced by National Geographic Latin America. In Flying Over, the singer shows us that he can use his voice not only to rock high notes, but also to narrate incredible documentaries.

Here, in this series, we will witness the beauty and natural wealth of many regions of Latin America, beginning, of course, with the Yucatan Peninsula. Later, we will discover areas such as the Caribbean Sea or the waters of the Beagle Channel.

They can review the interview that Cinema PREMIERE He had with the musician, where he delves into his experience collaborating to carry out the project.

The participants of the Coco special

Mexicans at Disney Plus

As part of its original content, there is a special starring many Mexicans on Disney Plus: Coco’s Musical Celebration.

In this special, which is presented as a live musical, the aim is to reimagine the songs of Pixar animation with real actors. As expected, the project is full of talent from our country. They star Luis Gerardo Méndez, Jaime Camil, Carlos Rivera and the group Mariachi Diva. We are going to go a little crazy with so much pride!

Jorge White

Mexicans at Disney Plus

This actor, a native of Guadalajara, is known for having participated in Violetta, the Argentine Disney Channel series, which is also available on the platform.

In the show, he plays León Vargas, the boyfriend of the young woman who gives the production its title. White in all three main seasons and also in the concert movie.

Diego Luna

Mexicans at Disney Plus

With her role as Cassian Andor in the film Rogue One, which is part of the catalog focused on the Star Wars universe, Luna is another of the Mexicans in Disney Plus.

His role as second in command of a small rebel resistance tasked with stealing the Death Star plans to help fight a battle against the Empire was widely welcomed. So good was the acceptance that a spin-off series is already being prepared that will be original to the platform itself and that will focus on more adventures of the character.

Disney plus Mexico Mexicans

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