Meet the man who stole Dorismar’s heart

Meet the man who stole Dorismar’s heart | Instagram

Perhaps very few know, but the cand3nte model Dorismar has a long-standing relationship with Alejandro Schiff and this time we will tell you a little about their relationship which has been going on for several years and is to be admired.

The truth is that Dorismar has managed to conquer millions of people in Latin America with her spicy and unique figure.

And this is how many have always asked who is the partner of the former Argentine bunny, because it is Alejandro Schiff, who was her manager for a long time and with whom she maintains a relationship.

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They both live their love in the best way, they met in 2002 in Miami, more than 18 years ago, she was recording Gigantic Saturday and he was a dancer in the program at that time and it was from there that they were attracted.

It should be noted that for a long time it was said that they tried to hide their romance, since he thinks that his followers would be devastated when they found out and would not want the model, so Alejandro became the one who led Dorismar’s career.

In fact, in an interview with TVNotas in 2010, a source close to the couple assured that he even encouraged her to say that she was single so she could have more jobs and that is why he never owes her kisses in public.

This is how he has been in charge of collecting and Dorismar seems to have not bothered him at all, since also another advantage is that he is not jealous, since he knows the woman he has and the way in which he turns on the networks with his attractive photographs.

It is worth mentioning that in September 2019 he himself announced that Dorismar would leave the stage to enjoy her time as a mother.

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On the other hand, Dora Noemi Kerchen, better known as Dorismar, is an Argentine television model, actress and TV host who rose to fame after her participation in “Desmadruga2”.

And although her career began in Argentina and in 2000 she moved to Miami, Florida, to work on the program “El gordo y la flaca”, it was in Mexico that her beauty and talent led her to be recognized worldwide.

Something that very few know is that in 2003 she generated a controversy with her cover for the magazine Pl9yb0y in the United States of America, since she was named as one of the most beautiful women on Latin television, which projected her beauty on a level world.

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In addition, he has shown to have a great heart and love for animals, since in 2005 he joined an environmental campaign in order to stop the predation of turtle eggs in Guerrero.

Unfortunately over time, his appearances on the small screen diminished; However, her spectacular figure and charisma has led her to earn more than a million followers on her official Instagram account, who praise how beautiful she currently looks.

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