Meet the Fonacot Women’s Credit, they lend you in cash

In order to support working women, the Institute of the National Fund for the Consumption of Workers (Fonacot) announced the program called Crédito Mujer, through which a cash loan is granted to those who request it.

The objective of this program is to protect women and grow their assets, since through the cash they receive they can buy durable consumer goods: products or contract services that help them improve their quality of life and that of their family.

The current economic crisis due to the health emergency brought as a consequence that many people faced financial problems, for which some made the decision to undertake, for this they can use this credit.

Characteristics and benefits of the Woman Credit It has preferential interest rates. You can choose between terms of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 months. The commission for opening is 2%. The amount awarded is deposited to the account of the worker. The discount to pay the credit is made via payroll. This credit includes Insurance for loss of employment, death, disability or total and permanent disability. Requirements

In order to have access to this credit you must meet certain requirements, which we tell you below:

Being over 18 years. Minimum of one year in your job. That the company is affiliated with Fonacot. Have an indefinite or permanent contract. Two personal references. Personal cell phone number. Proof of address. Official identification. Bank statement in the name of the person requesting the loan. Last 4 payroll receipts.

Remember that requesting a loan can always be a good option to cover an economic emergency, but it is important that you can meet the payments in a timely manner to avoid future problems.

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