Meet the first member of European royalty to just come out as gay at 87

June is the month of Pride, the month of LGBT + pride and in which many people decide to share with the world what they are like, regardless of the criticism or what people will say when revealing their true self.

The most popular revelations are those made by celebrities in the world of entertainment, but now the list has been added A member of European royalty who has just come out as gay at the age of 87.

Although he never hid his relationship or his sexual preference, Francisco Buenaventura Adalberto María, or better known as the Duke of Bavaria, who is the head of the Royal House of Wittelsbach, in Germany, decided to make himself known publicly and officially his homosexuality.

In addition, he did it in an extremely tender and special way: with a formal portrait posing with her boyfriend, Sir Thomas Greinwald.

This action has made history within the European monarchy by becoming the first head of a Royal House of the old continent to pose with his partner and openly display your preferences.

Although the descendant of Charles I of England did not use a textual message for this statement, the photograph in which she appears with her boyfriend was significant and makes it an official announcement.

Francis of Bavaria He is the legitimate heir of Charles I of England, who reigned in 1625, and according to the royal line of succession, the Duke has the right to rule England, Scotland and Ireland; however, he has never done anything to claim power.

So far he has not married and has no descendants, so that, upon death, the post of head of the royal house of Wittlesbach will pass to his brother Max Emanuel of Bavaria.

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