Meet the 8 best thrillers on Netflix to see this weekend

Meet the 8 best thrillers on Netflix to see this weekend (Reformation)

Meet the 8 best thrillers on Netflix to see this weekend | Reform

This time we present a selection of titles within the application of Netflix They are not going to disappoint you so if you still don’t have something to see this weekend, keep reading, because the best productions are the ones we will mention.

There is no doubt that films suspense are ideal to make your heart beat a thousand, but you do not have to suffer with typical scares of terror.

So this time we have compiled 8 of the best thrillers that you can see right now on the Netflix platform, and thus help you get through this weekend.

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In fact recently released ‘Red dot, a thriller Swedish that took little time to place itself among the most viewed on the platform after its premiere.

And in case you were wanting more similar proposals, here at Show News we have decided to make a selection of the 8 best thrillers on Netflix that you might be interested in seeing after that movie.

And the truth is that sometimes the only thing we would like is to be put on a little tension, because we do not always want passionate romances, action adventures or delusional comedies, but a story that takes us by the lapels of our shirts and forces us to follow it very attentive until the end.

What undoubtedly becomes a good suspense movie, the kind that hooks and amazes and leaves you thinking.

List of the best thrillers in Netflix:


The perfection

A Netflix original t3rror thriller that also plays on the expectations of the public during its first half and then takes a leap into the void without a network from which it manages to benefit.


As you sleep

Cesar is the superintendent of an apartment building and is very close to the guests.

He secretly enjoys hurting others, and the occupant of department 5B will be his next target.



Without a doubt, this is one of the most influential thrillers in the history of cinema at all levels, from the setting to the way of approaching the investigation or its shocking outcome.


Gerald’s game

In this film the mental and physical well-being of a woman is taken to the limit after seeing how her husband loses his life while he is handcuffed to his bed in a cabin far from civilization.

Undoubtedly a very effective adaptation of the Stephen King novel by Mike Flanagan and with a great work by Carla Gugino as that long-suffering woman.


Rough diamonds

A charismatic jeweler makes a high-risk bet that could lead to a windfall, but must first strike a balance between business, family, and adversaries.



This is one of the best Netflix original movies, which is a thriller in which two friends go hunting in a somewhat inhospitable place, something happening that changes things forever.

They will also have to fight to survive and escape from there, but in a different way and putting the cards on the table more clearly from the first moment.


Below zero

This film is still very recent its premiere and surely many have already taken a look at this wonderful thriller headed by Javier Gutiérrez and Karra Elejalde in which a police van is attacked in a mysterious way.

The anguish is transmitted here more from action than from psychological torture, but there is also something of this other.