Meet Natti Natasha’s new and luxurious mansion In Miami!

Meet Natti Natasha’s new and luxurious mansion In Miami! | Instagram

The singer Dominican Natti Natasha will await the arrival of her firstborn in an impressive new Mansion facing the sea that also has a private lake, luxury finishes and amenities of all kinds and much more.

As she had wished, the singer-songwriter is fulfilling a new dream by acquiring a new property in Miami in which she will receive her firstborn.

The Dominican singer and her fiancé and manager Rafael Raphy Pina announced that they moved from a building in the center of the city to a house Oceanfront.

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The blessings are unique and must be harnessed. Coffee in hand in a new home where we will receive [bebé]”Pina wrote on her social media, where she was also seen sailing her boat on the way to her new residence.

After surprising his fans with the news that he was in the sweet waiting in the middle of last February, Natti expressed his desire to have two homes, one in Puerto Rico and the other in Miami, where he would raise his baby. and you will be able to meet your job demands.

I think I’m going to have two houses, I’m already looking at decoration and everything, “he told People en Español in February.

And this is how, just two months after the birth of her first-born, the singer is preparing against the clock the arrival of her daughter to her new mansion in front of the sea.

It is worth mentioning that she has not stopped working so far and recently the reggaeton maker launched her new collaboration, “Las Nenas”, together with Farina, Cazzu and La Duraca, with which she also celebrated International Women’s Day.

Every day that passes we demonstrate our value in all aspects, and what better way than to commemorate it with [música]”the future mother wrote on her Instagram account.

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As we mentioned before, the house where the interpreter of “Sin Pijama” spends the last weeks of her pregnancy has all the amenities that anyone could dream of, since it has its own port on the shore of a private lake, pool, large spaces , luxury finishes, among other benefits, in addition to being in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami.

The Premio Lo Nuestro event was held in February, at that time, Natti Natasha was, according to what she said, about six months pregnant.

That means your baby would be being born around the middle of the next month of May or maybe early June.

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At the moment, Natti Natasha and Raphy Pina have not released the name of their long-awaited girl, so we will have to wait a few more months to know details.

Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez Batista fell into reggaeton and Latin pop during her artistic development and has been awarded at the Reggaeton Italia Awards, Billboard, Premios Tu Mundo, among other important celebrations that recognize Latin talent.

The first presentations she made go back to her participation in the church, which she attended as a child, where she had the opportunity to participate in different artistic activities that were developed with the children’s group, her parents, decided to enroll her in the School of Fine Arts Arts of Santiago at 8 years of age.

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It was there, where for the first time he took singing lessons, perfecting his vocal skills and his interpretive strength, and where his dream of becoming an artist was born.

At the age of 18, he began to write and record his own songs, making different musical presentations that took place in his native Santiago and together with his friends, he decided to form the musical group D’Style, recording some musical themes grouping did not achieve the expected results and eventually disintegrated.

She was a chorus girl for the group Ingco Crew, participating in some songs like Chocolate, but this group also ended up disintegrating. As a result, he decides to put his short musical career on a short hiatus.