Meet here the best Crunchyroll Originals anime for the current season

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Crunchyroll over the years it has developed an ever closer relationship with the anime industry in Japan. This art that comes from the Asian country that fascinates us so much has its best showcase in this international giant of the streaming. So much so, that to date it has 70 million free users and 3 million paid subscribers.

That is why in its search to get closer to its fans and the tastes of western viewers, Crunchyroll began a few years ago to co-produce anime, participating in those projects that they considered could be to the liking of their users.

“Users are very happy and feel that we are listening to them. That has been shown in our constant growth over the years. Now with our dubbing and original content, we have attracted audiences of all ages and tastes ”, says Max Castro, Regional Lead of Crunchyroll LATAM, in this regard.

Is that, at Crunchyroll, he explains, “we are constantly managing new content for our users since our number one priority is to have a wide variety in all genres and have options for all tastes all seasons.”

Thus, big names came out, but the important thing is the step they took later and was announced at the beginning of 2020: the Crunchyroll Originals, detailed below.

In January this initiative took off with the premiere of In / Specter, a 12-episode series that adapted a novel written by Kyo Shirodaira and that transported us to a fantasy world starring Kuro Sakuragawa, a teenage girl who in her childhood was chosen by the yokai (Japanese spirits) as a human and impartial mediator in their conflicts. It was animated by the Brain’s Base studio and was very well received by fans.

Tower of God, an animated adaptation that fans of the popular korean manwhas They had been crying out for years, it also came as an Original Crunchyroll. With its 13 episodes and animated by Telecom Animation Films, managed to convince both fans of the original work and those who discovered it with the anime, earning a whole legion of fans who followed it every week.

Last July came The God of High School, an impressive series of action that even enjoyed motion capture to give spectacularity to their fights. The story of Jin Mori as he tried to become the champion of a tournament in which basically everything was allowed was 13 weeks of non-stop action and a lot of noise on social networks.

However, it was not the only Crunchyroll Original in July, because fans were also surprised by Gibiate, an anime made in the most classic 90’s style, where violence, ninjas, samurai, time travel and luck of viral apocalypse that turned humans into monsters, they found a certain strange harmony.

TONIKAWA: Over The Moon You premiered in October, the story of an unfortunate young man named Nasa Yuzaki who falls in love with the mysterious Tsukasa. When Nasa declares his love for Tsukasa, she accepts his feelings on the condition that he marry her. And so, in a whirlwind of events, we have these two students become married and living together, getting to know each other little by little and mixing love, romance and innocence at the same time.

Noblesse It also premieres as another Crunchyroll Original, presenting us the story of Raizel, a powerful being who after a lethargy of 820 years awakens in a world that little resembles the one he knew With the help of an old servant who is now the director of a school high school, Raizel will have to integrate as a student to get used to the modern world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for an obscure organization to disturb his peace and make him Raizel must make use of his great powers as Noblesse.

Latin America, however, will also say present in a completely original series focused on all the richness of Mesoamerican culture with Onyx Equinox, one of the great bets of the platform that will be released on November 21, and will even have Spanish dubbing!

“I think it will definitely help to illuminate Mesoamerican cultures in a different way. Most of what we have been exposed to mainly was the unfair portrait of a complex, rich and very beautiful time where, what is now Mexico, prospered before the Spanish invasion. I hope that with the stories that are gaining visibility, we will change the narrative of what the media sold to the masses as a bloody and savage world in need of colonization. I hope that after the Onyx Equinox, the audience will perceive Mexico in the same way that anime fans see Japan: as a place to explore, read and visit the real-life places where the heroes of the cities lived or went through. stories ”, were the words of Sofia Alexander, creator, executive producer and showrunner of Onyx Equinox exclusively.

Finally, the platform will also release other great titles such as Crunchyroll Originals, having already announced other future projects such as EX-ARM, FreakAngels, So I’m Spider, so What? o Meiji Gekken: Sword & Gun.

We look forward to the spider anime around here, how about you?

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