Meet Binance’s New Competition With “Coin-Margined” Futures ROI

When it comes to making money, Binance is always an excellent option. For example, they recently announced a number of prizes to be awarded in a coin-margined futures ROI competition. Specifically, Binance spoke of $ 200,000 worth of BNB in ​​total. Go ahead, because this Binance contest can give you many benefits.

For those who do not know, ROI is the acronym for “Return of Investment” or “Return on Investment”.

What are the options in this Binance competition?

First of all, Binance posted that the first way to earn is by recommending a friend to trade and receive USD 15 in BNB each. According to the post, they would both receive the $ 15 in BNB, once the referred one trades Currency Margined Futures on Binance for the first time. However, the cumulative trading volume must be $ 10,000 or more during the competition period. There are no limits on the number of friends you can refer to this promotion.

The second way to earn is by being one of the top 50 ROIs. These will earn 140,000 USD in BNB tokens. Binance specified that all users whose trading volume is greater than 50,000 USD (including purchases and sales) in any “coin-margined” contract during the competition period, and whose wallet balance is not less than the equivalent of 0.01 BTC in any token, they will be ranked based on ROI.

Prizes will be awarded based on the following reward scheme:

1st place: USD 30,000 in BNB tokens 2nd place: USD 20,000 in BNB tokens 3rd place: USD 10,000 in BNB tokens 4th-10th place: 50,000 USD equal to BNB tokens 11th to 50th place: equal 40,000 USD in BNB tokens

Other alternatives

The third way to win in the span of this contest is with a daily lucky draw, where 3000 USD in BNB will be won each day. The deadline is from 11/17/2020 00:00 AM (UTC) to 12/02/2020 00:00 AM (UTC). During this time, all users with a minimum daily trading volume of USD 10,000 on any coin-margined contract will be entered into a daily drawing to win USD 300 in BNB.

The qualification periods for the daily drawings will be from 0:00:00 am (UTC) to 11:59:59 pm (UTC) each day of the competition period, for a total of 15 qualification periods. The first one will start on 11/17/2020 at 0:00:00 AM (UTC).

Likewise, the qualification for the draw for each period will be displayed on the home page of the activity. In total, 10 winners will be randomly drawn in each drawing period to win $ 300 in BNB each. The winners of each daily drawing will be displayed on the activity home page at approximately 2:00 am (UTC) the following day.

What are the terms and conditions?

Trading volume includes buying and selling on any coin-margined futures trading pair. Likewise, the ranking ranges and results of each daily competition will be updated every day at 0:00 am (UTC).

Binance will use the actual price of BNB / USDT trading pairs during the competition period as the exchange rate between USD and BNB for prize distribution. Also, they clarified that users can win prizes in several days as long as they follow the terms and conditions of each competition.

Finally, the subaccounts will be considered individual accounts for the calculation of the ROI in this promotion. The individual account, either the main account or the subaccount, with the highest ROI performance, will be selected as the winning account. This applies to the second and third option of the contest. If you are looking for more details about it, you can visit the original post here.

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