Meet 10 things that Kimberly Loaiza prefers more than others

Meet 10 things that Kimberly Loaiza prefers more than others (Instagram)

Know 10 things that Kimberly Loaiza prefers more than others | Instagram

Millions of followers are aware of what La Lindura Mayor publishes on social networks or Tik tok, Kimberly loaiza She has become a celebrity not only in Mexico but also in other parts of the world, any news about her immediately becomes a trend in addition to its dynamics, as one of the most recent where she had to choose an option.

What do you prefer more? was the title of his dynamic next to Juan de Dios Pantoja who, together with Kimberly loaiza It has been conquering all of Mexico for a little more than three years since they entered the world of YouTube since both had their beginnings sharing content on the video-sharing platform.

Kim Loaiza’s video was shared just 3 hours ago, apparently it is no longer surprising to see that her publications immediately begin to have thousands of red hearts, in this case it has already exceeded 600 thousand, in terms of comments they are about above 1600.

What do you prefer? this was harder than I thought lol, “he wrote in the description.

This is not the first time that he has carried out this type of dynamic, so you can see in the comments his fans love them, because they are the ones who ask the questions, some of them are quite complicated to answer for Kimberly loaiza.

HARD questions for Kim I love you greetings “,” Beautiful Precious Divine “, wrote some fans.

Any news that is related to the interpreter of “Bye bye” immediately becomes a trend especially in social networks, recently he was celebrating that in the Tik tok application he became the person with the number 16 position with the highest number of followers, beating big celebrities of the show.

You will surely be interested to know what her responses were about this dynamic, although some were somewhat obvious, it is just as exciting to see her respond with her shyness and especially her tenderness.

Here we show you his answers to the questions asked by his fans:


Money or love

This answer for many is more than obvious, Kimberly Loaiza prefers love, although at the moment they are doing quite well financially, she would not exchange money for love for anything in her life.


Mom or dad

Although Kimberly Loaiza adores her parents, she spends more time with her mother, which is why she prefers her, however she revealed that it was an extremely difficult question to answer.


Pizza or burger

This answer was quite simple for her she immediately answered it, she prefers pizza.


Katia Vlogs or Eli Blancarte

Although she has known them both for a long time and nowadays she spends more time with Eli Blancarte who has become a very good friend of hers, Kimberly Loaiza was inclined towards the right of seniority, she preferred Katia.


Youtube or Tik tok

Although today she is mostly known for being a tik toker and being in the number 16 place in the world top, Kimberly Loaiza prefers YouTube, perhaps because she had her beginnings as a celebrity on the platform.


Normal or tongue kiss

This question for Kim Loaiza was somewhat embarrassing, she even covered her face with her hair at the end she shared that she preferred French kisses, the famous tongue kisses.


Steffany or Katia Vlogs

This was another question that was soon answered because although Kimberly Loaiza loves Katia she prefers her own sister so the decision was Steffany.


Juan de Dios or Juan del Diablo

Surprisingly, when she chose this answer, some of her followers were shocked because she prefers Juan del Diablo, he is a character from the soap opera “Corazón Salvaje”.


Don’t be jealous or you lost me

It took a few seconds to decide which of his songs he preferred, although in the end it was “Me lost.”


5 years in jail or 5 years in a coma

Kimberly Loaiza prefers to spend five years in jail, at least she will be awake.