Meet 10 Chabelo movies that might surprise you!

Meet 10 Chabelo films that could surprise you! (EFE)

Meet 10 Chabelo movies that might surprise you! | .

It was on February 17, 1935 that the actor was born Xavier Lopez Rodriguez, of whom everyone places better as Chabelo, considered one of the greatest drivers in Mexico continues to be a trend in any social network from the moment his name is mentioned.

As you well know today the actor He is turning 86 years old, for many they have taken a bit of a joke that he seems still a little older than other celebrities, claiming that he is an immortal figure.

Surely if you have heard the name immediately the program will come to your name “In family with Chabelo“, a program that ran for 48 years of being on the air, this variety show was broadcast very early on Sundays, so young people and some adults began to watch it very early, getting excited with the varied content dedicated to the family.

However, Chabelo’s career began in 1952 and to date he continues to be active after a 69-year career. It will surely surprise you that he continues to work as an actor, besides being an actor, he is also an entertainer and comedian.

Here we show you only 10 of the 33 films that he has recorded throughout his career, beginning in 1958 with his first cinematographic film, the last being released in 2019.


Trip to the moon

This was the first film in which Chabelo participated, it was released in 1958 six years after he had started his career as a film actor, there is little information about it but surely quite interesting.



That same year in 1958 Chabelo returned to participate in another film called “Chistelandia”, this was a compilation of the jokes that had been produced in the news during the decade of the 50s.


The extra

Curiously, this film titled “The Extra” which by the way was released in 1962, was the last one that Mexican actor Mario Moreno starred “Cantinflas” with Alma Delia Fuentes, Chabelo had a brief participation in it.


The two rivals

Once being better known in the show business, Chabelo had the opportunity to participate in this Argentine production in 1966, the previous three were Mexican projects, by the way this film was recorded in black and white.


Chabelo and pepito against the monsters

Five films after “The two rivals” was released in 1973 “Chabelo and pepito against the monsters”, where we already saw the character of Chabelo, for this the program “En familia con Chabelo” had already been on the air for 6 years. the November 26, 1973.


Agent 0013: Hermelinda Linda 2

Another of the iconic characters from the 80s was Hermelinda Linda, played by Evita Muñoz, who in 1986 teamed up with Chabelo to launch this film, which by the way was quite entertaining, because both moods were combined.


Chicken litte

Maybe it catches your attention because you didn’t notice that the voice of Buck the Rooster Daddy from Chicken Litte was dubbed by Chabelo.

This film was released in 2005, the actor lent his voice for the Spanish version in Mexico.



Although this is not a movie but a series, surely you will be interested a little about it this was one of the actor’s most recent projects, it was launched in 2008 and Chabelo had an important participation in it, at the time this series it became a success.


Letters to Elena

A moving film released in 2011 where the actor and comedian once again had a small participation but surely won the hearts of everyone who saw him in the film.



This was the last animated film in which he participated by lending his voice to one of the secondary characters of the same, it was released in 2017 and became a success.