Medvedev talks about the stands at the US Open final

Daniil Medvedev He is the fashionable man in the world of tennis. It is not for less: he completed what many considered impossible, to beat Novak Djokovic in a Grand Slam final … belonging to the NextGen generation (yes, I know he is 25 years old, but he belonged to it). The youngest active Grand Slam champion on the ATP circuit also went through the microphones of his native country and spoke of various very interesting topics. One of them is the factor that the stands played in the final, which they tried to minimize as much as possible; Others include everything from the emotions he felt closing the match in three sets, to a possible crazy celebration with Russian acquaintances and even his relationship and personal communication with Djokovic himself. In a few words collected by Sport express, Daniil, as always, is not cut.

How does it feel to be a Grand Slam champion?

“I have digested it a bit, but not quite. It is a great joy, to have been able to complete my childhood dream, in a way, it is a great relief. It is even more special when defeating Novak. The emotions are unreal. Now I have a couple of days to rest, to enjoy everything, to relax. I like to leave such strong emotions for myself and my loved ones. Now I have to let some time pass and very soon I will return to work.

Did you think Djokovic would make a great comeback at the tennis level during the game?

“There were many difficult moments during the game. When you face Novak you know that you cannot give him any margin, that you must be ready and 100% from the first point to the last, there is no other possibility. It is clear that at certain moments of the game he could have taken the initiative, but I am happy to have managed to overcome him in those key moments of the game, to have done it by myself. “

What did Djokovic say to him on the net

“We both have great communication. He’s a great guy. Yeah, we may not know each other well enough for our families to go out to dinner together, to some extent all these relationships are superficial. However, he’s a great champion, never I heard him say something unflattering about a rival after a loss. He is always sporty in defeat, today he showed it again. It was a hard blow for him, but right after the game he congratulated me on the net, He told me that I should be proud of myself. He is a great champion and a very kind and educated person in life. “

The noise of the public in the stands

“I tried not to pay attention to it, but it’s impossible not to do it completely. Throwing the ball when you serve and everyone yelling is something that messes you up and disturbs you. I don’t think they wanted to stop me, they just wanted to support Novak, the only thing they wanted Novak to win. I tried to stay focused: whether it’s noisy or quiet, my only task is to win the game, hit an ace, take the line. “

The uncompleted goals: Olympics, Davis Cup and being number one

“If we talk about priorities, the Olympics may be in first place, but they will not be held for the next three years, so there is a lot of tennis to play yet. The goal that comes sooner is the Davis Cup. I am not afraid to say that we have the best team in the world: we have four players in the top-30, something that nobody has. As for number one, I have always said it: if I become number one it will only be after winning some Grand Slam. Novak has won three Grand Slams this year and reached a final: mathematically I have no chance of being the first. The only chance I have is to play all the tournaments between now and the end of the year and win them all, rather than It belongs to a fantasy world. I hope I can meet all these goals on my list during my career: I’m going to do my best to win as much as I can, that’s the most important thing. “

Post-match celebration with the Russians

“There is a group of people that I know here in New York. They have come to support me, they were heard a lot in the final, so we will get together to celebrate it. It will be fun for everyone, but when I spoke about the Russians we know how celebrating was more of a joke, since all kinds of situations can arise. Of course, I know how to control myself. “

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