“Medvedev has made us see that Djokovic is human”

It says Mischa zverev, one of the most active voices during the US Open 2021 for his work as a consultant and analyst at Eurosport. The former tennis player and brother of Sascha Zverev, did not hesitate to offer his perspective on what happened in the final of the New York tournament, introducing an interesting idea. “Daniil came out on the court with a game plan and executed it with great conviction and mastery. He slowed down the game with the backhand and attacked with his drive like a scorpion sting. He made Novak not know what to do and showed us to all that is human. I have never seen him cry on a tennis court, he is always very concentrated and transmits that he is a man of steel. He did not manage to win, but I think he won the hearts of all the fans, “he declared in words collected by TennisHead.

Verstappen didn’t have to be fighting Hamilton

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