The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio de Janeiro sent a letter this Wednesday to all clubs of the Carioca Championship about the return to training during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a document signed by the president of the entity obtained by L !, CREMERJ asks for explanations about the clubs’ return to training.

Flamengo leads movement in Rio de Janeiro for returning to training (Photo: Alexandre Vidal – Flamengo)

Photo: Lance!

– In view of the recommendation of the Technical Chambers of Infectious Diseases and Sports Medicine, and considering the provisions of the Code of Ethics – Chapter IIII – CFM, of Resolution CFM 2217/2018, in its article 1 “to cause damage to the patient, by action and omission, characterized by malpractice, recklessness or negligence, as well as the provisions of article 17, “fail to comply, except for a just reason, with the rules issued by the Regional Council of Medicine”, we officiate you to demonstrate to this Council if you are athlete training taking place – says the document.

CREMERJ President speaks to L! and explains procedure

In an exclusive interview with LANCE !, the president of the entity Sylvio Provenzano explains that this is a standard procedure of CREMERJ, sent to all clubs in Rio, passing the official guidance of the medical council.

– That document was not only sent to Dr. Márcio Tannure, but also to all the technicians responsible for the medical departments of the clubs in Rio. It is to know about the resumption of activities. There was an opinion from the Technical Chamber of Medicine of CREMERJ that thought that the moment was not the most appropriate for the resumption of activities. It was noted that physiotherapy activities for the recovery of injured players, because it is something of a medical nature, would be allowed, provided that both athletes and doctors were subjected to (coronavirus) testing, which in the case of Flamengo is happening – explained Sylvio, who added:

– The opinion was that training and matches are not yet recommended. Every week the (case) numbers of the city are reviewed, and of course the opinion should also be reviewed. But, at the moment, it was sent just so that they (clubs) take note of this opinion and explain if there was a restart or not. It is a routine of the Council -.

The president also explains that this is not a standard, but rather an orientation provided by the council that the practice of football is not recommended, practically ruling out greater consequences for the medical officers of the clubs.

– It’s not a norm. A standard is a rule to be applied and followed by the professional. It is a recommendation. It is an orientation provided by CREMERJ that the practice (of football) is not recommended. Evidently, if something happens, the board has the right, at any time, to call the professional in activity and say “Look, this is your responsibility”. There is a difference between recommendation and standard. CREMERJ was an orientation – he concluded.

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