Six years ago Warner began to weave a filmic universe based on the notion of a planet earth inhabited by humans and great titanic beasts. The peak moment of this framework, so far composed of three films, is promised for Godzilla vs Kong, where both will have to face each other for the supremacy of the planet and most likely as a result of the appearance of a third on the board: Mechagodzilla.

This is suggested by a new theory about the film that would reveal not only the appearance of the massive machinery created in the image and likeness of the great reptile, but would also explain the turning point that would unleash the conflict between the two mentioned in the title of the expected film. .

According to SR, Skull Island has become the field of action of Monarch, the division of human beings dedicated to studying, controlling and fighting the threats of the great beasts that inhabit planet earth. As part of a defense system, the organization will create a Godzilla-like mechanical being that they will test in combat with King Kong.

At the beginning of the film, the huge gorilla will face Mechagodzilla to protect the creatures of the island while trying to survive. This conflict will have its consequences from now on when Kong meets the real Godzilla and thinks that it is the same being, or a similar beast with the same insidious motives. Thus the enmity between the two will arise as a result of a previous episode that will dispose the gorilla to a defensive and dangerous attitude that could offend the king of monsters.

This theory starts from what was previously seen in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, a film delivery from 1974 where the mechanical entity was born under similar purposes; an audiovisual that may well have served as inspiration for Adam Wingard and his creative team. Of course all are theories and we will not be able to confirm it until there is an official trailer that reveals more about the story, or until the film reaches theaters.

However, the particular case of Godzilla vs Kong is unstable after the multiple reports and rumors that exist about alterations in the film, test screenings with poor results and unexpected new shoots that seek to improve a film that, supposedly, has not left the all good. Warner will be determined to repair one of its strong bets in the face of the normal reopening of theaters after the pandemic.

The film was originally intended to be released during the month of March this year, but it was delayed to November as a move totally unrelated to the pandemic. Now, with the problem of the coronavirus, Godzilla vs Kong was scheduled again, this time with the final date of May 21, 2021.

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