Bravely Default II It is the next installment of one of the most beloved sagas right now by lovers of classic JRPGs, and it will arrive throughout this year 2020 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Since it was announced, there are many unknowns related to its Name, but also those related to whether we will also see some of the protagonists and characters from the previous two games, and now Square Enix (specifically, Tomoya Asano, leader of Team Asano, and MAsashi Takahashi, producer of the game), in the Japanese magazine Famitsu, has given answer to these questions.

Bravely Default II will not have characters from the previous installments of the saga

Takahashi: For Bravely Default II, we wanted to go back to our roots, and in order for those players who will be their first juice in the series to fully enjoy it, we need to update the world and its characters. So we thought a lot about what the title of the game would be that would make this a totally new story with totally new characters and, above all, that would make it a new installment of the Bravely saga.

Simply adding an « II » to the title

Takahashi: We considered sticking with established patterns in Bravely Archive and Bravely Default: Fairy’s Effect, but they made it feel like no new installment created for home consoles. So in the end we opted for a simple approach by adding the number to make it clear that this is a new installment and more importantly, that this is a game that players who have no knowledge of the saga can enjoy.

Asano: And speaking of which, when we were internally explaining our plans for the game, I usually used to say, « This is not Bravely Third, this is Bravely: Automata.

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Therefore, it is more than clear to us that this lack of connection with previous installments is mainly due to the fact that the creators of Bravely Default II want new players to be able to get hooked on the saga with it.