The success of the fans over the production house, added to other similar cases, have made fans think of a series that would see its end in 2018. Its well-accomplished characters and scripts made it an immediate success, making its Sudden cancellation upset a few who want to take advantage of this wave of power to achieve their restraint. As a domino effect, shows such as ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Luke Cage’, ‘The Punisher’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Defenders’ fell apart, but nothing like Matt Murdock’s, MCU fans want to save ‘Daredevil’.

With three successful seasons, fans expected a fourth to come soon, however that never happened. With the arrival of Disney + and the growth of the MCU, Marvel and Disney were forced to cut off any product in their universe that was outside their jurisdiction and they canceled all these programs.

Much has been said about a possible reboot of the character, but they were so hooked on the excellent performance of Charlie Cox and everyone involved that they just want more of them. This is why fans are flooding social networks with #SaveDaredevil and cite how thanks to the union of all, a redesign of Sonic for ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’, return ‘Clone Wars’ to Disney +, a new series of ‘Star Trek ‘ with Captain Pike in command and, most recently, the release of ‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ by HBO Max in 2021.

With actor Tom Hidelton (Loki) and even Cox himself, MCU fans want to save Daredevil and hope they don’t spoil the good production Netflix was already working on. For that they know that they must be well coordinated and only time will tell how much attention they do to them because Marvel Studios seems to be anticipating the return of the character with other actors.