The Australian praises the improvement ability of his next team

Remember that Renault did not do well in Austria last year

Daniel Ricciardo, who will change Renault for McLaren from the 2021 season, ensures that the Woking team was the Formula 1 team that improved the most last year, especially compared to what was seen in 2018.

It should be remembered that the 2018 season started on the right foot for McLaren, but as the year progressed his performance fell and, in the last Grand Prix, they could only fight in the low area of ​​the grid.

The team soon focused on the development of the 2019 car and this was clearly reflected on the track. According to Daniel Ricciardo himself, McLaren was the team that improved the most last year.

“I remember last year, which is the best reference for now. It was the team that made the most noise. Mercedes won the championship again, but for most it was quite clear that McLaren was the team that took the biggest step of all.”

“That was encouraging for them, and then there are the foundations of the future. Obviously they will change the power units – from Renault to Mercedes – so there is something they can be excited about for now,” Ricciardo said on the F1 Nation podcast. .

On the other hand, referring to the beginning of this season, which will come in July from the hand of the Austrian GP, ​​the Australian driver is not very clear about the order of the grid, although he recalls that Renault did not adapt well to the Red Bull Ring in the past.

“I hope it is adjusted, all we know right now is what happened in the February tests, we did our analysis to find out where everyone is,” he added.

“It is difficult to find out if the leaders of the middle group were us or not, but I would say that at least three of the teams in the middle group were in a tenth.”

“Austria for us was perhaps the worst weekend of last year, so I think that if we can go out and be in the front of the middle group it will be good for the rest of the season, but it is difficult to predict,” Ricciardo said for conclude.

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