Andreas Seidl admits that they have also analyzed photos of rivals

The German asks for clarification of the rules in this area

McLaren CEO in Formula 1, Andreas Seidl, calls for stricter rules to avoid como copies ’like that of the Racing Point RP20, which is very similar to the Mercedes W10 that swept away last year.

Seidl accepts that there have always been copies in Formula 1, whether legal or illegal – the clear example of illegal copying is McLaren’s ‘spygate’ in 2007 – and even admits that they have also analyzed photos of other cars.

However, the German wants Formula 1 to be a bit stricter in terms of cooperation in wind tunnels and also in accessing photos of other cars. That is, complicate the work of copying for the future.

“I think that nobody has any problem copying parts or cars from these images. What is more important is simply to clarify and perhaps also change the rules on what can be done in terms of copies,” said Andreas Seidl, in collected statements. by British Autosport magazine.

“Obviously, there are copies that are not just copies. There are copies that have always existed in Formula 1 and that are part of Formula 1. We have tried to analyze what rivals are doing with images that are publicly available, images that you can take in the Pit-Lane or on the track. ”

“Right now, there are regulations that you can do much more with. You can cooperate in terms of wind tunnel technology, how to use the tunnel, or how to adjust the car. Also how to get access to photos of cars. I think that is something that needs to be clarified, we have a clear direction on what Formula 1 wants to allow in the future, “he added.

Along the same lines, the McLaren boss believes that the Racing Racing Point case ’is not about the legality of his car, but about the future of Formula 1. Therefore, he insists that the category needs to clarify its rules.

“It is not necessarily about doing something legal or illegal. As I have said many times, there is room in the rules for doing much more than just taking photos in the Pit-Lane. So we believe it is important to have these clarifications now,” he said. expressed Seidl to conclude.

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