Zak Brown highlights the importance of expanding Formula 1 in Asia

Brown is happy that no partner has abandoned them for covid-19

McLaren recognizes that it would like to have more Asian sponsors and stresses that they must strive to make the Formula 1 brand bigger there to profit from this important market.

The McLaren team has a total of 41 sponsors, of which only 16 have paid to be visible in the MCL35. Although Zak Brown says he is proud of his portfolio, he misses having partners from the Asian continent, a market that he says they should explore.

What we don’t have are many sponsors based in Asia And you know that in my previous position I was lucky enough to bring LG and Lenovo into the sport. I’d like to see more companies based in Asia get involved in Formula 1 and I think we have to raise awareness, beyond what there is today, “explained Zak Brown at the All That Matters Online 2020 conference.

The All That Matters conference is held every year in person at Marina Bay during the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, an event that this year has been canceled due to the pandemic.

“When you go to this Grand Prix, there is no race that more global executives attend and that they do for commercial reasons. I applaud the Singapore government and the race promoter, it is a fantastic event and I think we need more races of this guy, “praised Brown.

This health crisis has also affected McLaren and has led the team to develop a specific strategy with each of its sponsors.

“We have worked case by case with each partner in a very proactive way and we are happy to say that we have all the partners we started with and even more. They are all very happy and we are working well,” Brown has admitted to close.

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