It is a measure to adapt to the new coronavirus restrictions

Seidl announces that the team is already working on the development of the MCL35

Andreas Seidl, McLaren’s crew chief, has confirmed that the staff who will travel to Formula 1 races this season are already isolated from the Woking factory to get used to the anti-covid measures19 that will be found on the circuits.

Seidl explained that McLaren’s Formula 1 team already works separately from all McLaren Technology Center staff. This modus operandi will serve for “make sure we get into the insulation bubble as soon as possible

We are doing a lot of work to get ready for Austria. There will be many new procedures to ensure social distancing and we will have to wear masks … “Seidl said in a statement in a video for the official McLaren mobile application.

“We are spending a lot of time on this. We are also preparing the cars and last but not least, we are practicing a lot of stops to get ready,” he added.

The German team leader has detailed that in addition to this aspect, McLaren is totally focused on two other main areas: the production of spare parts for his cars and the development of the MCL35 by the hand of James Key, technical director.

After several months with the Woking factory closed due to the forced stoppage of the coronavirus, the engineers are already working against the clock to prepare enough spare parts for the cars. After the green flag in Austria, the teams will be in constant motion until the end of July.

The teams have to find a balance between the number of pieces built and the money invested in it. In these moments of crisis, which has especially affected the British brand, saving is essential.

“We are taking people back to the McLaren Technology Center. It is very important that we speed up the production of parts to 100% because as you can imagine, to do eight races in 10 weeks we need many parts ready in case of accident or failure”, he has explained.

Lastly, Seidl has revealed that the team of engineers and aerodynamicists are already fully focused on evolving the MCL35. James Key will lead the way in this key process that can mean confirmation as the best team in the middle zone or a setback compared to last year.

We are working at full speed with the engineering team. We work from home to ensure that we beat our rivals in the development arena. I’m happy with what I’m seeing, “said Seidl to finish.

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