McLaren explains why Ferrari signed him

Carlos Sainz gave a driving lesson at the Turkish Grand Prix. After a bad qualifying session in the wet, which was not good for his teammate either Lando norris, the Madrilenian rallied from fifteenth to fifth place. An exhibition that according to Andreas Seidl, team leader Mclaren, explain why Ferrari has signed him.

A race like that of Turkey ends up confirming the quality of Carlos. We know from past races in recent years that likes difficult conditions, especially rainy or mixed conditions. We know that performs well in these conditions and has the talent to do well when taking risks”, Has said in Autosport.

“He is a great driver. There’s a reason Ferrari signed him for next year. He manages to keep the car on the track while still progressing and get his maneuvers to work, as he did on Sunday. It’s just a huge benefit, ”added Andreas Seidl.

The McLaren boss also wanted to highlight the way in which Carlos Sainz communicates with the team during the race: “The fact that the pilot has been working with his team of engineers for a long time is very helpful. because, in conditions like Sunday, there is a lot of communication between the team and the wall and there you can also see Carlos’s experience, it is important to be brief on the radio and be calm ”.

Ferrari justifies the signing of Carlos Sainz

The one who recently justified the signing of Carlos Sainz has been Mattia Binotto, Andreas Seidl’s counterpart at Ferrari: “Sainz is a leader, a worker who unites the group. He is a growing rider and has a mentality: I am very convinced of this choice, I think it will be the least of our problems ”.