Only 249 units will be manufactured, instead of the 399 announced

With customizations, its price is close to two million euros

The McLaren Elva is a high performance roadster developed by the Woking firm. Introduced in November 2019, it delivers 815 horsepower. Its price stands at 1,425,000 pounds sterling, which in exchange is about 1,620,000 euros. Its world production is limited to 249 units, a substantial reduction from the 399 that were originally planned. The reason for that cut? Ensure that the car is even more exclusive.

He McLaren Elva It is part of the Woking signature Ultimate Series, where it shares a showcase with the McLaren Senna, McLaren Senna GTR and McLaren Speedtail. It owes its name to the boats Elva M1 Bruce McLaren designed in the 1960s. One of the 399 units to be manufactured is owned by Fernando Alonso. If you have to name a rival, this is the Ferrari Monza SP2, a model with which it certainly bears a great resemblance.

Join Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso and McLaren Automotive design director Rob Melville for a walk around the new McLaren Elva.

– McLaren Automotive (@McLarenAuto) December 9, 2019


The absence of windshields and windows is the first thing that catches the attention of the new McLaren Elva. It also has a low nose and angular protrusions on the front fenders that, like the rest of the body parts, have an aerodynamic function. Carbon fiber is the protagonist, as is an anti-roll protection system that is deployed only if necessary. Nonetheless, McLaren recommends the use of a helmet while driving.

The McLaren Elva has the system AAMSThat is, an active air management system that is especially visible thanks to the hood intakes. This is capable of creating a kind of bubble thanks to which the occupants of the vehicle are isolated from the turbulence. The air is also directed thanks to the transverse carbon fiber pieces. The AAMS deploys only at high speed, at which time a deflector deploys in the front zone to create a low pressure zone. In urban areas it retracts because the AAMS remains inactive.

In the rear the McLaren Elva count with one active spoiler Able to adjust both its height and angle depending on the needs of the moment to optimize aerodynamic balance. The air diffuser also works from your hand. In addition, the floor of the vehicle is completely flat until it reaches the rear axle, where it is raised to accelerate the air outlet.


He McLaren Elva it lacks a clear separation between the outside and the inside. The car body simply curves and flows into the cabin. In it there are two seats, between which there is a central armrest, an area where there is also the start button and some more controls. On this part a multimedia screen appears from which to control different parameters.

The custom-made seats offer a carbon fiber that seeks to minimize the weight of the piece. They are available in different colors and with different upholstery. In addition, six-point competition harnesses can be incorporated. There is also a small storage space with capacity for helmets.


He McLaren Elva presents a capacity for customization to match thanks to the department MSO of the British firm. As standard, it does not equip an audio system, although the client can request its incorporation at no extra cost.

As standard, the British sports car has ultralight 10-spoke wheels, although forged alloy wheels with five spokes can be incorporated, also at no extra cost. In any case they house some tires Pirelli P Zero, which as an option can be Pirelli P Zero Corsa.

McLaren It also announces the possibility of choosing between multiple colors for the body, among which is an option that leaves the carbon fiber in sight. Details such as 18-kt white gold insignia or a heat shield for the 24-carat gold motor can also be incorporated.


The motor that drives the McLaren Elva he is an old acquaintance. Its about 4.0-liter V8 with double turbocharger, this time with a power of 815 horses and a maximum torque of 800 Newton meter. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / hour completes it in less than three seconds, while it takes 6.7 seconds to reach 200 km / hour from a standstill. The shift associated with the propeller is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

He McLaren Elva offers, according to its creators, a chassis oriented to offer maximum agility. An electrohydraulic steering has also been incorporated in order to provide the purest response possible. The suspension, meanwhile, is active and hydraulic, which gives the model extra versatility.


He McLaren Elva M6A is one of the proposals of the British firm’s special operations department, MSO. Its striking decoration is due to the tribute it pays to the car that participated in the Can-Am 1967.

The body of the McLaren Elva M6A It is painted in the color Anniversary Orange, in addition to showing the number 4 in a clear nod to the car from the ’60s, which was also the first to wear such a striking tone on its skin. In addition, on the side there is a Dove Gray stripe.

As in all the transformations carried out by MSO, the mechanical section remains unchanged, so that this McLaren Elva It is also powered by a 4.0-liter V8 biturbo with 815 horsepower.

The price of this unit has not been reported, but it surely exceeds the 1.67 million euros of the original model.


The McLaren Elva is available from £ 1,425,000, which is € 1,620,000 in exchange. Its world production is limited to 249 units, which is a substantial reduction compared to the 399 that were announced at the time of the model’s presentation. The explanation of the brand is that this way the car is even more exclusive.


Date Upgrade 04/03/2020 Readjustment of production: from 399 to 249 units. 03/25/2020 McLaren unveils the Elva M6A. 12/10/2019 Fernando Alonso visits Woking and acknowledges having ordered a McLaren Elva. 11/13/2019 McLaren reveals the first images and information of the Elva.

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