McLaren ‘disembarks’ at Extreme E

06/11/2021 at 1:28 PM CEST

McLaren announced this Friday its ‘landing’ next season in the Extreme-E, the 4×4 off-road electric series driven by Alejandro Agag and in which F1 drivers Lewis Hamilton (X44), Jenson Button (JBXE) and Nico Rosberg (Rosberg X Racing) have their own (mixed) teams. The Woking team, which currently competes in Formula 1, IndyCar and supplies the battery powertrain to the Formula E championship, wants to broaden its goals

The Extreme-E has started this year with five events in various locations around the world that have been selected to raise awareness about the environment and climate change (Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Greenland, Brazil and Argentina). Currently, the Rosberg X Racing squad leads in the standings after winning both Finals at the Desert X-Prix in Saudi Arabia and the Ocean X-Prix in Senegal. The success of the sustainable off-road vehicle competition has caused its organizers to plan more events on the calendar.

McLaren is the first Formula 1 team to join the Extreme E. “From the moment it was announced we have been closely following the progress of this championship,” states the CEO of McLaren Racing, Zak Brown. “Extreme E is breaking new ground in motorsports as a positive force to meet some of the greatest challenges facing our world today and in the future. While Formula 1 will always remain at the center of our world, as IndyCar, our entry. at Extreme E joins the McLaren Racing franchise and will complement and help support all of our programs. “

“We did not win races, but we already made podiums in F1 and we want to continue this positive trend in other championships, The Extreme-E is an innovative format that allows us to accelerate our sustainable agenda and that shares our priorities,” he says Brown, promises a team at the highest level: “The drivers will be the fastest available, a good combination that also has a good commercial profile,” he promises.

Accordingly, McLaren is ready to join the nine existing teams at Extreme E, which can accommodate up to 12 participants.

“Having McLaren on board, symbolizing the highest level of motorsport and racing innovation, is a great endorsement that what we have achieved in our first two tests of the first season, which have had a real impact on motorsport. We already have General Motors with Hummer, and also the Volkswagen Group through Cupra. We know that other manufacturers are looking forward to our championship, “he says. Alexander Agag.

“We are absolutely delighted to welcome Zak and the mighty McLaren Racing team to Extreme E, and we can safely say that we are looking forward to seeing how the team evolves in its debut in off-road electric racing.”

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