Sainz: “Silverstone is one of my favorite circuits”

Norris: “This weekend I will wear a very special helmet”

After an exciting start to the season, McLaren reaches a double Grand Prix at home, at the Silverstone circuit, with the aim of taking another step forward. The technical director of the team, James Key, has revealed that the Woking team will take some evolutions to the British track that must be tested. As it could not be otherwise, both Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris are eager to get back on the MCL35 and will try to make a good result.

Carlos Sainz (9th in the World Cup):

“We are headed to Silverstone for our next series of races and home races for the team! After some bittersweet moments during an intense first triple GP, we have had some extra time to review the first few weekends and draw our conclusions with calmer. We’ve looked at our strengths and weaknesses, and I can’t wait to drive the car on a third circuit with different challenges. Despite losing some points, overall it was a positive start to the season, finishing all three races in the Top 10 and being consistent on the track. Everyone on the team is pushing hard and we need to keep up the good work. I feel recharged, prepared and ready to have another triple GP again. ”

“Silverstone is one of my favorite circuits due to the fast pace of the circuit and the many possibilities to overtake. I had a great race at the British Grand Prix last season, finishing sixth with many overtaking on track and intensely defending my position during The last laps! Silverstone always offers exciting moments and we will greatly miss the immense support from the McLaren fans. Although they will not be on the track, you can be sure that we will do our best to ensure a good result and make you feel proud. Let’s go!”.

Lando Norris (4th in the World Cup):

“It is great to return to Silverstone for not one but two races at home to start the next triple GP. We have had the opportunity to rest and reflect on what we have learned from our first three races of the season. I cannot wait to compete again and I want to make sure that we maintain our progress at the British Grand Prix. The track itself offers fast and exciting races with great opportunities to overtake. We know the competition will be tough, but we must focus on ourselves, work hard and take advantage of our promising start to the season. ”

“My home GP as an F1 driver is a very special occasion, just like it was the first time last year. Obviously, it will be disappointing not to have the fans there, but for everyone’s safety, the best experience is to see it. from home. This weekend I will be wearing a very special helmet after the competition I did to design the décor for my home GP. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this week’s performance. ”

James Key, technical director of the team:

“It has been an exciting opening of the season with a tight fight between the teams around us. As it is a compressed season, the pressure is on making the most of every race weekend.”

“We have come out of the first triple GP recognizing similar strengths and weaknesses in the car that we saw in the tests in Barcelona. This is good because it allows us to maintain our development priorities with what we had previously planned.”

“The British Grand Prix will see a continuous evolution of the MCL35 with some developments to be tested during the next race weekend. We have a unique challenge in balancing the updates for this year, while ensuring that our 2021 car moves forward in parallel. Since we are the only team to switch bikers between 2020 and 2021, our design and planning work for the coming year is more critical than for others. ”

“Silverstone will be the first high-speed circuit this season and offers a combination of different types of corners that will provide another data point for our car. It is a fantastic circuit and the need for good efficiency will be a new challenge compared to Austria and Hungary”.

“Looking towards the second GP at Silverstone and the one in Spain, we will have more elements to test in the car to provide new insight into possible development opportunities for the future.”

“It’s a pretty intense period at the moment and there has been a lot of work, particularly by the design and production teams, to push all of these elements forward in a relatively short space of time after returning from downtime. Thank you As always, our colleagues at Renault and our circuit team for allowing us to collect data and maximize our performance on the track. ”

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